Has anyone used a drive through pharmacy?

Legit question as I’ve asked a few people and they say they have not. I just switched pharmacies as this one though about equidistant has a drive through. I switched mainly due to my fear of public places (I’m doing a similar thing with grocery shopping) and that I was experiencing increased (though not new) hostility from staff, the only upside was that the pharmacist was my parents neighbor and knew who I was.

But anyway, for better or worse I’ve switched pharmacies of the same company but different location. I plan to call tomorrow and ask about what’s available for refill and may inquire as to using the drive through.

Just wondering has anyone used a pharmacy drive through and might know how one goes about it?

it’s been a long time because now my pdoc just calls in the meds to the pharmacy. I think they give you something to sign, and then they hand you your meds. just like that.

I have. The one I went to had two lanes. Like a bank. One lane led to a window by the building. the other to a pneumatic tube with a little door you put your money, prescription in- in a container, push a button + it’s sent across to the building. They return the container with your medicine + your change, credit card, or whatever. With both windows it seems like the people inside could probably see your face well enough to recognise you. The lane with the tube - maybe not.

The one I go to, it works exactly the way it would if I were inside the store standing at the counter, except it’s outside the store at the drive thru window instead. There’s really no difference at all except being outside the building instead of in it.

Okay thanks everyone.

I know a fellow who tried one once, but it wasn’t intentional. That’s what happens when you fall behind on servicing your brakes.

Ha. I once worked for a guy who in his teens accidently drove his car into a bank’s drive thru window.

I use a legit Mail Order Pharmacy - its easier this way