Has anyone tried to stop taking the meds? What was the outcome?

Hi everyone! I was just reading this article about schizophrenia

and sound of the side effects of the medication include diabetes, heart problems etc. I was wondering whether to stop taking the Xeplion 100 mg shots that i take once a month.

The side effects of not taking medication include psychosis induced death. Good luck with that.


It is possible to get off medications but only for very few, around 10% first episode and 3% or less for multiple episode. You need to be on your meds for a number of years before you come off, 1 to 2 years first episode and 4 to 5 years multiple episode. I wouldn’t just quit your med’s if I were you. If you worry about the possible side effects get regular health check ups.

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If you look up the side effects for many other medications, even over-the-counter, you will also find terrible possibilities that are rare. It’s one of those things where your pdoc should be monitoring you with blood work and vitals, and discontinue a med if there are early signs of a problem.

Like just check out the possible side effects of Aspirin:


But we’re not scared of Aspirin, right?


i just hate how i gained 60+ lbs. and my heart rate is 100 beats per minute.

Last time I went off them I lost began losing touch with reality again. Will have to wait 4 more years and try again.

Yeah, I’d be worried about a high heart rate too. Talk it over with your doctor, maybe they can switch you to another med or even lower your dose.

It’s never worked for me, and I’ve seen enough other people do it to see that it usually doesn’t work.

When I went up to 4mg of Risperdal, my heart rate increased to the point where I thought I was having a heart attack!

It was very scary, I thought that I was going to die.

I lowered the dose and all is good again.

Talk it over with your psychiatrist.

I have a serious heart condition. I have diabetes. I still take my meds. Neither of my doctors including a very well-known cardiologist are at all worried about the health effects of my APs. They ARE worried about how I will go downhill if I stop taking them.

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I didn’t “try” to stop my meds, I ran out after my insurance was dropped, and can’t qualify for anything (long story another day) and the results are,
life was easier on meds.
Not that I’m not doing bad, it’s just that I could be doing better that struggling with every stupid idea and distraction that bogs down my entire existence.

If I had the chance, I’d go back on my meds and stay on them.
(others would probably agree it would be better too.)

I stopped taking meds twice. Once because I couldn’t get an appt with a pdoc for 6 months and had bad side effects. The second time I tried alternative medicine. Both times I relapsed. The first time it took 3 months to relapse. The second time it was much quicker. I stay on my meds because the lives of my loved ones would be hell if I came off of them because of my paranoia. Also voices are horrible. I hate medication especially the weight gain but I am resigned to staying on it as a lesser evil for all concerned… Yes, they’re dangerous to health but the alternative is much worse.

Online I have read success stories of people comming off their meds and being okay. I guess that would be for the minority though.

havent stopped completely… just reduced it, and already i’m hallucinating voices… and i created imaginary friends in my head, i’m having conversations with them… which sometimes its more fulfilling than reality. as long as its positive i guess its ok… but if i start getting paranoid i’m gonna increase the meds.

I tried to stop but I’m addicted. If i do stop i feel strange, not relaxed not calm. It’s just withdrawal symptoms.

I once tried to reduce my clozapine dose, the paranoia came back suddenly. So i had to increase my dose.

Stopping antipsychotics = relapse

I had a doctor take me off meds. I gradually got more and more tense.
Then got very agitated and neighbor called police on me. I eventally had to move because of the relapse.

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Same here. Or partial relapse and loss of function and insight. Mrs. Pixel has asked me to never do that again.

Never do that. The outcome is terrible. Last year i took meds everyday. My longest time without meds is three days. I can’t sleep and felt very tired.

I tried no any good outcome…
only insomnia and bad health physically and mentally…i am feeling weaker now…
got to fix appointment with my pdoc soon …