Has anyone tried CBD + CBG together? 40% of CBD from the Netherlands

1 week into it and I feel better…

but I have not started CBG, the company recommends taking them both for sz… it’s not psychoactive.

40% has definatelly have a positive effect on my body and depression atm.

I have lyme too and sz. ;(


not sure what CBG is, but I do know cbd weed tends tends to lift my depression a bit

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I’m talking about the oil not smoking that trigger psychosis! :s

I have cbd flower which has barely any thc, like less than 1%. But I’ll have to look into what cbg is.

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I took them both the oils but i am withdrawing right now looking to target my lyme and psychosis and depression will get better, CBD oil makes me tired, and sleepy what I need is energy and motivation!

It just seems like every time I start taking Delta 8 CBD gummies, I get migraines. I think I am allergic. I don’t know if it’s the CBD (or THC), or the dye in the gummies.

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Cure for maniacal psychosis is risperidone i was have it chronic from clomipramine. I have unstoppable psychotic mania, to dont have extra hallucinations from marihuana THC i must take risperidone. Risperidone also protects hallucinations from bupropion, whole rest antidepresants causes extra hallucinations. Risperidone is marihuana THC pass in bipolar. I was experienced 300-400 maniacal psychosis in 7 years, after clomipramine, Anafranil. Amitryptyline is safe.

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