Has anyone specifically tried Neurofeedback and cariprazine together

I’ve heard it can be an excellent combination for negative symtom improvement. Just wondering if the effects I guess last longer, if you are able to be social and engage or just would like to hear anyones general expierence. Also would this be able to maybe replace excersise. I ask this because exercise works just to well for this condition but I’m always unable to do anything else throughout the day.

Probably a bad idea. Exercise has all kinds of benefits beyond just negative symptoms.

I think that neurofeedback could potentially work because because TMS can work. However you would need a specific therapy developed for schizophrenia otherwise I doubt you would get results. I also feel that TMS, neurofeedback and ECT are course therapies in that, how well can your really target a specific brain region.?I guess the same could be said of medication but all this stuff is in its infancy so I guess we have to wait and see what comes of it first before it is really worth exploring

No idea on neurofeedback, but my negative symptoms - or med induced negatives, have gotten much better just by switching to Cariprazine

I have to take a token amount of olanzapine, against my better judgement, but I am greatly improved for it

Trade off is more positives, but at least I am more awake! And with it!

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