Has anyone seen. Osteoporosis and resulting kyphosis in an older person?

Wonder if you can share back with me please?

My mum was hit by a car 3 years ago
She had her lower leg bones in half and put Back together by pins and plates

3 years later she walks her new dog every day for a couple of hours
She has been getting slower for a couple of months

She now very recently has a marked kyphosis, caused by spinal fractures I assume

Will see a doctor about it

With upper spine fracture I’m sure it can not be very long until her neck breaks
(The end result of osteoporosis). She is 78

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No, a bit off topic but they did do a dexta scan on me after my anorexia diagnosis.

They discovered some bone loss in my spine.

I don’t know if I can refill that bone loss now.

I don’t want a broken spine when I’m older.

It should be fine.

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My father has a couple of spinal fractures from osteoporosis.

He’s getting 6 month injections of an osteoporosis medication called Prolia.

It helps prevent fractures. @Three

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Look up ways to build bone density
Sorry to hear about your struggles
It’s not a fixed thing
It can be built especially if you are age 30 or under

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I think my mum didn’t get on with that but I’ll find out
I’m So sorry about your father… does he have a curved spine?

Sorry I have known for a while she has this but the spine hunch has been a recent sudden thing

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Yes he has a curved spine.
He has other issues besides bone fractures.

He is 87 years old.

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Thank you @Wave and sorry to read.

I just know how the end happens for most people with osteoporosis

It’s a horrific thing to worry about
All of this

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Thanks @Three
I wish you and your Mom well

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Hope your mom will be okay @Three. Same for your dad @Wave. Best wishes.


Thanks @eighteyedspy23


Thank you @eighteyedspy23

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I am afraid that my high prolactin will give me osteoporosis. I need to find a new antipsychotic which is a pain in the ass.

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