Has anyone noticed the effect of a 'moment/episode' on your eyes?

I can see myself being ignored by those assigned to my care/diagnosis because of my absolute determination to assign physical sensation to something entirely mental but my question is, does anyone have problems with their eyes: constant squinting and blurred vision…the inability to focus when experiences a ‘brain burp’?

Abilify has a side effect of blurred vision, and my vision gets blurred a little at night.

I’m on risperidone. I don’t believe its a side effect of this med…that I am aware of. Thanks for your response :smile:

Just did a Google search, and it looks like it might indeed be a side effect of risperidone.

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It followed immediately on the heels of struggling to maintain composure or control over my thinking…feeling…brain episode. I STILL don’t know what to call it or how to define it…

Cause and effect…I think it is over all straining…

The vitrus in my eyes started to unstick during my psychotic break due to the stress. There’s a pill but the doctor said it’s not tested to my age since it’s a thing that happens mostly with old people and she didn’t want to risk it. As a result I see black dots and blurred vision sometimes… Gotta live with it. Sometimes it bothers me, most of the times I forget its there.

No wonder. I am on Abilify, too.

i have squinting because of my illness somewhat i think :confused: sometimes i am troubled by the surrounding lights and colors the time i get used to my med(zyprexa 10mg), my brain is playing tricks i guess :wink:

im on invega and i get “OCULARGYRIC CRISIS” sometimes

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Thank you :smile: