Has anyone mirror their smartphone or tablet to bigger screen?

I’m new to this technology.

You’ll need HDTV adapter or Digital AV adapter… Have you try before?
It works for Samsung but doesn’t work for iPad. Ummm…I think Apple only support original accessory.

You can mirror on Android using Googlecast compatible devices such as the Chromecast dongle or the Nexus Player. We have both. Pretty easy to ‘fling’ most content to the big screen. If you have Apple devices, I believe you need to have an Apple TV box connected to your flatscreen.



I’m also new to this. Look like it is more popular in the US, and is way more expensive than an ordinary Digital AV Adapter (30-pin to HDMI).

Pretty easy to ‘fling’ most content to the big screen.

@MrSquirrel. Does it “fling” or cast the sound also to the TV?

It flings sound as well. You can even mirror the screen of your tablet or phone if you want to. Works flawlessly with Droid.


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