Has anyone managed to reverse cognitive decline

Wow, that’s inspiring. What meds are you on? What kinds of activities do you do (work or other activities) that challenge you cognitively?

You could always come back to it, schooling. As a student, I just wanted to get it done, so I returned to the uni a year after my meltdown for my bachelor’s. I now work in sales, been with the same company for 5 years. I worked my tail off and I got lucky.

If you decide to put school on pause and want to work, try different jobs. Fact that you’re good enough for grad school makes you employable at the very least. Try different jobs, see if anything sticks. I went through 30 jobs before I found my current gig. Don’t get caught up in the diagnostic verbiage-- just know what meds treat what.


In the process of quitting Seroquel. Was on 600mg now 150mg. I mainly do school, gaming and socializing now. Used to try to read to challenge myself before I went back to school.

Lamotrigine 200 mg and x4 600 mg gabapentin (its a lot, i know)
I’m studying at university (college? I’m from Russia). I shoot corporate TicTocs and so far nothing more…

Could you stay in your graduate program, but put it on delay for a while? Maybe if you took some of the pressure off your cognitive issues would subside.

I’m having a hard time remembering some words for things, and thinking in a structured way, and it is disconcerting, but my cognition has improved in other ways. I am more creative. I get good ideas.