Has anyone lost their SSI benefits?

i know if you start making income or get sent to jail/prison you either get your benefits lowered, adjusted or lose them in the case on incarceration… has this happened to any of you or someone you know?

With SSI benefits are lowered if you start working. It’s different for ssdi. I’m pretty sure if you are in jail your benefits stop.

About half of what you make is deducted from your ssi.

I’m afraid of losing my benefits because of social security’s incompetence. I have to deal with stupid people who don’t have time to return my phone calls and have to do a ton of paperwork just to keep my benefits.

I’m schizophrenic and they still put me and others through this ■■■■. My medical review is a pain because they want more information than normal. They wanted my doctor, me, and a family member or friend to fill it out and send it back in 10 freaking days…unbelievable.

@anon12381882 i wont be going back to work anytime soon unless there’s a miracle. and yea i dont know the differences between the protocol for SSI and SSDI on adjustments. and yea ive only read that if you go to jail then they will pause or suspend payments for benefits until the month you get out of jail. also when i lived in the group home there was a guy in their who said that sometimes they wont continue the benefits when you get out of jail depending on what you did.

@Nick ok thanks nick and yea its been a while since i had read the info for ssi. but i think also theres something like they dont count the first 65$ of income or something like that.

@insidemind hey insidemind, i really think if you applied more patience with working with ssa then you would have a better experience with them. i remember calling them one time and the wait time was like 1 or 2 hours so i had to the use the menu on the phone to program it to have them call me back later when they were ready to help me. those reviews, although thorough, are only once every one year or two or 5 i think.

My brother lost his SSI. He believed he was cured of his ADHD, bipolar disorder and autism. So he told the doctor who did his review that he didn’t want to keep his SSI. They took him off of it and he struggled to find work. Eventually landing a job but he tried to get back on SSI but was denied

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Yes I hear once they kick you off it’s very difficult to get it back again.

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wow… im surprised the people in charge of making those decisions would allow that to happen…being that with a job you dont have the income security as you do with ssi…

does he still have a job?

Thats good to hear that the expedited option to get benefits reinstated really does work.

I am about to give up my SSDI because I went back to work and I get a big check. SSI isn’t enough to live on. I would have no choice but to work if that were my only income. Too many bills.

But I have good insurance. I guess if you need the insurance you can make it work.

I have to keep Medicare though so I will have to pay the premium.

I understand I can get expedited reinstatement for the next five years if I become unable to work again.


thats good news tomcat. i think the main goal for all of us here is to get to a point where we are more healthier and better functioning to where we can work. im sure that wont be the case for a lot of us though.
and im not greedy i can live on SSI for the most part currently.

@TomCat how long were you on SSDI for? any tips/pointers for how to get back into working again? just wondering…

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I dont know what ssi is, but im guessing disability? Im always afraid of losing disability over nothing. But ive yet to meet someone who lost disability who has sz. I think its harder to lose it than it is to get on it.

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I was only on SSDI for four years.

For me I needed more meds. I kept trying to dose down and come off of them. Now I am maxed out on Geodon. I added Latuda too and that really stabilized me.

But when I was at my sickest point I always worked. I didn’t think I was sick though. I thought there was a conspiracy against me.

I had to get my son through high school and then I thought I could quit and give up but he enrolled in college so I kept going.

You have to do what you have to do.


You have strong will power and motivation.

I heard psychiatrists routinely double the FDA recommended dosage. For example my doc was going to put me on 12 mg of vraylar. I’m on 6 mg now.

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