Has anyone had their voices, images, thought insertions go away from meds? all the way? most of the way? please

has anyone had their voices, images, thought insertions go away from meds? all the way? most of the way? please

Latuda is working well for me .

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Hi Unk,

My positive symptoms went away with abilify, but I still suffer quite a bit from negative symptoms.

You may get lucky and they do vanish, it may take time, perhaps a year for someone who is severe. Clean up your anxiety and it will take pressure off the brain/body.


I’m on a Latuda / Seroquel combo… the thought insertions and the visual hallucinations faded a lot…
The voices also faded…

Therapy has helped me ignore them and it’s getting better.

I’m on Invega Sustenna (Xeplion in the EU) and my delusions and hallucinations faded

I’m on abilify. I never head voices or hallucinated, but had thought insertion amongst everything else, and that went away completely.

Hi @Unk, I’m on Saphris and my hallucinations went away with the proper dosage.

what are thought insertions exactly?

My positive symptoms are quelled except for the occasional paranoid thought.

I have a problem with some negative symptoms/sleeping too much with the medicine.

I’m on invega sustenna and my delusions and voices are mostly gone, but my intrusive thoughts are still alive and kicking.

It took zyprexa and college. So about a year and a half after starting zyprexa

I think the reference is to compulsive unwanted thoughts

thanks for the tip

Based on the pamphlet I read on schizophrenia at my psychiatrist’s office, most schizophrenics continue to “hallucinate” on a regular basis while on antipsychotic drugs. For me, the drugs never stopped it. If anything, the drugs make a more clear telepathic signal. It is like HD audio compared to analogue.

I have to say that everything went away when I was on Clozaril except the side effects were so bad I had to go off them. I literally was like a drugged out zombie. I could watch tv all day or listen to music and I was lost in it without voices, images…etc. The problem was that when I slept (which was a lot of the time) I couldn’t even have the strength to get up and go to the bathroom. I went right there in my bed. #1 and #2.

I’m also on Latuda but my thoughts got clearer from risperdal too

I’m on Geodon, Xanax and proporanolol and they help. There is no cure, but they help. I function above average because of the meds- otherwise I can’t focus well enough to work to my potential but I have an athletic advantage off meds, an insane level of energy. Literally. Insane. Registered.

One of the best things that happened to me is that the doctor said nothing would completely get rid of my voices although meds would calm them down. So now I have a working "relationship’ with my voices with the understanding that I can’t get rid of them and they can’t get rid of me so as long as I take the meds we get along as best as can be expected. I am also learning to live with other previously unacceptable things in my life and things are calming down over all. I hope it stays that way.


Geodon did it for me for a while, but it had harsh side effects.