Has anyone had problems with abilify

I’ve been on abilify for a little under a month and have had to go to my hospital twice once for diabetic symptoms bs 121 and a second time because my BP was 171/103. Just wondering is anyone else has had similar problems

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By blood pressure is fine on Abilify. Last time it was 102/66.

I’m diabetic.
121 blood sugar levels are not so bad.

At the drs now they think it may be ss due to me taking fluoxetine with abilify

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Hope you get it sorted out soon.
Good luck @noyllopA.

I had neuroleptic malignant syndrome on abilify.

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Thanks @Wave hopefully i can sort all this out

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Please keep us posted.

I couldn’t sleep on abilify

I was too keyed up, but Abilify gave me a pretty good increase in physical strength. I stayed on it for a while, but they eventually had to take me off.

I’m on abilify atm, it gives me alot of energy. Also stops most of the voices in my head and i dont start rhyming randomly. It makes me overheat like crazy though, i’m usually dripping sweat if i’m out in the sun for too long. The sleep disturbance is real though, makes me sleep light.

Yes i had the same thing happen. Had pretty severe diabetes-like symptoms. I searched for information on the side effects and found a full list in a video on youtube. I can try to find it if you want, but yea its listed i think under one of the less common side effects. Was really difficult for me and one of the reasons im interested in taking another drug

Its mentioned in this video at 6:40