Has anyone had luck with TD medication?

Not that i wish it on my worst enemy and obviously the best option is prevention but we have to take medication. So whats the new expensive ass TD medication like? In the case we get the disease Tarditive Dyskinesia how well does the medicine for it work?


Ingrezza is the new FDA approved drug. I talked with my pdoc about it and she said being new there is not much data available about it yet. There is one more FDA approved drug which was used to cure parkinsons symptoms.

I have seen many on this forum take one or other kind of anti parkinsons medicines (amatadine,pramipex,Cogentin,pacitane etc). search forum for Tardive dyskinesia and you would see other threads started by me on same.

I would like to know people’s experience with all of the above medicines, whether they take it on permanent basis or once TD subsides they are off the medication etc.

if your TD goes beyond control then Deep brain stimulation is option (surgical procedure). Scientist are working on non invasive deep brain stimulaion as well.

I don’t know why but they have me take the Cogentin. I read it isn’t for the td but the pdoc insists on it. So I take it. I guess I’ll be taking it forever. My td is very minor. I think it bothers other people more than it bothers me.

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I would like to see reply to Original question of post : Has any one on forum tried Ingrezza or other FDA approved medicine for TD Yet: if yes, what is the experience. Kindly share.

Explains about drug usase and prevention and treatment of TD: