Has anyone had an amnesia like experience?

I came across my brother and thought I’d never met him before. Also, I didn’t recognize my father when I crossed his path down town. (It’s a small town, and my thought was that the only one in the county that looked that stuck up was my father )


Yes, I too have problems recognising supposed loved ones or other people for that matter.

I have had a history of dissociation, although not DID but it is in my make up after having a terrible childhood. Whenever I am seriously stressed I have am an amnesia fugue episode. This is when how i perceive the world of “I” disappears and someone else takes over with no memory of that person. One time it lasted for 4 weeks of which I lost all time and consciousness.

I think this ability to not recognise people stems from a dissociative disorder where one lives with separated ‘memories’ of people confused with living in the here and now.

That is my impression of it anyway. :slight_smile:

I had two episodes, during two consecutive days, when I was early in my diagnosis. I got sent to the hospital for each one, and it was an episode of memory loss. I didn’t even remember my own phone number. Each time it lasted for about four hours, the psychiatrist said it was likely because my lithium levels were too high.

Then on Zyprexa I had bad memory problems the first month. Not as bad as the episodes I listed before. As of now I don’t have any amnesia-like memory problems, I was happy that they were temporary because for a few months I was terrified of having another one like those, but I never have. That was at least two years ago.

This happens to me alot. People come up and say hi and I’m always taken aback when they start sharing memories and I’m left there like “what’s your name?” How do I know you?
Super weird.
Never family though that is wow. Must’ve been a bit weird. But then you just snapped to and remembered them or did it take a while?

I was little when I didn’t know my brother who was 3 years older than me. So it was like learning who he was all over again.

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