Has anyone gotten the Covid-19 vaccine?

There was a big hubbub about the vaccine in my city. At first they were promising that high risk individuals would be high on the list. The reality was the politicians and doctors got it first. I don’t mind the doctors getting it as long as the nurses get it too (but I read somewhere that some nurses had to jump the line to get it.) The politicians are a little different in my book. They portray it as “She or he is showing that it is safe”. I see it more as he is getting it because he can. Anyway after a frenzy of vaccines in arms mainly of VIP folks the supply (surprise surprise) soon ran out. I don’t know if more came in or not. A few politicians promised it would be coming to group homes but I have yet to see evidence of that. Instead some local homes have had Covid-19 outbreaks instead.

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My Aunt has been given it, i think she’s getting the second Jag around about now


My mother got the pfizer vaccine,

She still has yet to get the second shot.

She’s a frontline worker at a hospital.


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