Has anyone gotten kicked off of ssdi by working part time?

I went into the social security office to talk to them about an issue. The lady happened to notice I was working. Which I reported to them when I started in January of 2015. Two days later after being in that office I receive a letter stating I am under a review to continue my disability. I figured it out I only average about nine hours of work a week. I have never made over the now $840 gross per month. I never made over the $810 in 2016 or the $780 in 2015.I have basically never started a work trial. The letter had my fill out info about when I started working. The letter also asked if I was still seeking medical treatment. I am still seeing my doctor and getting my injection each month. I don’t think they are suppose to kick me off of disability. But going under a review still makes me nervous. Should I be?

How often are you supposed to be reviewed? Are they doing it early?

They did a review in the spring of 2014. I believe it is every 3 years. I still think me going into the office prompted a review.

That’s about three years. I think you should be okay.

No, but, I’ve known people who have. My younger brother and a good friend of mine. It seems to me that once you get kicked off of SSDI or SSI, you never get to return. They never did.

Right but do you know any specific details about their case? For example did they complete a work trial?

I don’t think you have anything to worry about. I’ve been reviewed after Social Security finally realized I was working more than once and since I was still disabled and not over the income limits, there was no issue. And I did complete a work trial; it just didn’t matter because I was still disabled and wasn’t making over the limits for “substantial gainful activity.”