Has anyone got a mri on their brain and did it look different?

I was just wondering. I’ve always wanted to get an MRI done on my brain to see if it was different from a normal brain.

I had an MRI of my brain with contrast and my doctor said it looked totally normal.

were you hallucinating at the time? Not sure if that matters but i was just wondering.

I really only have paranoia and delusional thinking. I was having plenty of that at the time.

Interesting. thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

I had cat scan done and the nurse told me that the doctor looked at your brain and was supprised that i have illness.

I had a MRI done and it was normal.

When I was 17 my parents paid for me to have an MRI before and after my ECT. Nothing conclusive was seen in either image.

i had an mri done but i cant remember what threy said, probably couldnt find anything, it must be to rule out tumours and things.

it kind of makes sense that our brains look normal – it can only show you the outside, not the contents where our problems lie.

do you agree?


i had bad headaches for over a week when i was 14 years old, i had an x-ray they told me the only thing unusual was i had a thick skull ! for a while that gave me a total complex because my self esteem was rocketing high at that age , not !
take care

I’ve had 4 over the years and a couple of EGG tests.
The last one wasn’t favorable at first, but in true conspiracy fashion, it suddenly turned out “nothing to be concerned with” even though the Dr suddenly dropped me.
Just for fun I went and got a copy of the last MRI on CD. Told them I just wanted it for a souvenir .
All 360 pictures inside my head. Can’t tell me I don’t have a brain.

I think my son had an mri done during his first psychotic break. I think the are only looking for tumors or other forms of pressure that could be causing the symptoms.

I hope you guys don’t mind but I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some things I have researched and have questions about. My apologies in advance if I insult anyone.

On this link is brain scans of altered and preserved insight. I have tried to research as best I can the science behind what is happening in my son’s brain. There seems to be a lot of evidence supporting that my son has less grey and white matter. That his pre-frontal cortex (front of the brain) is enlarged while other areas are smaller then average. I’m not a scientist and can only understand all this to a certain degree. However when I compare this evidence with things that my son has talked to me about than I come up with certain hypothesis or guesses as to what I think is happening.

My son talks to me about pressure in his head. For me this makes sense. If parts of his brain are enlarged, it would cause pressure on his skull.

Once he talked to me about a cracking sound he heard before his first break. From his perspective he thought he cracked his skull from all the power that he was gaining. I wonder if what he heard or felt was the letting go of his grey/white matter. Apparently our support workers have not heard of this before but I don’t believe that my son is the only one to experience this. Do you mind if I ask if any one of you have experienced this?

For the most part I believe that what is happening in my son’s brain is an indication of where our species is going in evolution. We are progressing into a world where spirituality is becoming for important. I believe that there is a good chance that we now see is an abnormality in my son’s brain is a pre-curser to what is to come. Perhaps his pre-frontal cortex is leading the way and the rest hasn’t had time to catch up yet. That all the information that he is processing is just a matter of learning how to deal with it. People like me filter out all the extra information and my brain decides it’s not needed to function. My son’s filters don’t do this. All information is important.

These are just my own theories. I want to know as much as I can to help my son. Thank you for reading.

In 1997, I took part in the Sibling Study in Washington, DC. Three of my siblings also took part.

Our brains were looked at through Magnetic Imaging. At that time, about 70% of the schizophrenics they examined had abnormal brains. I was one of the minority with a normal brain.


I was very young when I had my first real melt down. My parents say that I was about 5. I don’t recall any feeling of that. I was told that I was happy… happy… happy… out of the blue, out of control rage with three days of straight temper tantrum with throwing and kicking and screaming. Then I was out cold for hours and when I woke up, I was told it was like having a drunk 5 year old in the house just teetering around for a week and not comprehending anything. Then I got happy and hyper again until the next rage wave hit.

However I have heard of this “Snap” in the head from some of the guys in my SZ group. They even remember the time and day and what they were doing when they felt the “Snap” They recall it as being very painful.

I had the last MRI because of headaches upon waking up.
To this day the pressure doesn’t stop.
The crackling I’m very familiar with. Think of jumping into a 20 foot deep swimming pool and laying on the bottom until your out of breath. You will hear the same kind of crackling.
Ok, also like taking a big piece of plexiglass and twisting it back and forth, that’s the sharp bit of crackling noise.

I’ve done two MRI 10 years apart. But nothing showed. I think they just watch for tumors or bleeding in the brain. First one was after I hit my head in the windscreen because I didn’t wear a seatbelt. (I do now. Always :stuck_out_tongue: )

Second time was because I had a strange reaction to what they believed medicine. I think they wanted to check my head because I had low blood pressure, high pulse, cold, dizzy. This was when I was in psych hospital. Nothing unusual showed. Atleast they didn’t tell me I had anything strange in my head.