Has anyone gained weight despite not eating more?

I have gained 50 pounds on my meds, but I never changed my eating habits.

I believe the meds have done something to my metabolism and hormonal system. It’s really annoying because I diet and exercise and nothing happens.

I know people talk of increased appetite and weight gain on the meds, but has anyone else gained weight by eating just the same as when they did before antipsychotics?

It’s so infuriating! How am I meant to lose weight when it would mean eating maybe just breakfast and nothing else for the day.

I want to be healthy. So I have three small meals, no snacks. But I am still really overweight.


Meds that cause weight gain are often that way because they slow metabolism


Yes. On meds, I gained weight despite eating and exercising the same way I did while I was losing weight before the meds.


It’s annoying because diet and exercise seem to have no bearing on it.

Happy to be sane, but not happy to be overweight. But mental health comes first no matter what for me.

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I dunno. I was thinking that, since meds f*ck up your appetite, maybe I was, like, eating more than I thought I was or something. I try to use portion control, but of course it’s possible that I’m eating more than I should.

I’ve also been hiking and jogging for the past month as well as followed a diet, only to loose no weight this past month and in fact gain a little. I’ve personally come to terms with it but my parents have not. They’ve increasingly tried to make me exercise more and eat even less. They think all my minor health problems need to be taken up by the doctor. I feel like things have to be “perfect” in order for them to have a day without scolding me. Ugh…

It sounds to me like your parents are pushing you into developing an eating disorder. Do they know how much you’re doing to try to lose weight?

It isn’t unusual to add weight when you first start exercising. You add muscle and that is better for you anyways. You use more energy pushing muscle.

It’s not easy but you do need to watch the calories. It’s hard for sure. I exercise more than I’ve ever done but you need to elevate the heart rate. Interval training seems the most efficient way of doing it.

Still it’s worth it. I am still trying hard!

My dad actually only gets mad when I drink juice. My mom doesn’t bother me and sometimes even eats out with me. So I feel it’s not that bad. I’m just mad they got mad at me for having a sip of juice… and call me fat. Also I had a “rest” day today and didn’t do much chores or exercise and all hell broke loose with my mom. So I’m mad. So I’m just complaining. The whole thing is kind of an embarrassment. It’s nothing serious. I’m sure I’ll loose weight eventually.

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Are your parents in the know that meds cause weight gain? It seems unfair on you. My folks want me to start jogging and such to lose weight, they do put pressure on me as well.

It’s not fair, and I tell them so. It’s not like I’m downing buckets of KFC and not exercising.

I hope you can get your folks to understand more that it’s a very real side effect.

i had to have the wall removed i gained so much weight. I don’t know how much i won’t fit on a scale

Yes, when I was on Abilify. I went all the way to 319 pounds before I freaked out totally and convinced my pdoc to go back to Haldol.

I know it was the Abilify because I never changed my eating habits all the way up, and when I went off the Abilify, my weight corrected itself without a change of eating either.

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