Has anyone felt that AP's made them feel worse if taken over years?

I was just wondering if anyone felt worse years down the road. I think I got Corona Virus though and that is what is causing me problems. I think it is affecting my mind.

I’ve always felt like crap on them and I’m fat now


No, they always made me have negative symptoms but its better than having positive symptoms.

Thats not good…I hope they have you on the best mix of stuff. Sometimes it takes a lot of tinkering to get the right dosage but also I understand gaining weight-----they don’t talk a lot about that.

Thank you for your answer too Aziz.

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I’m like 20 years in and it’s improved my life immensely. I don’t have too much paranoia which used to rule my life. I don’t have racing thoughts which made life hard to handle. I do so much better and have lived so much better.

Meds were the best thing to happen to me and that is no lie.


For me, meds definitely made me worse. I regret i ever touched that stuff, it caused so many problems and i hate how they made me feel.

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When you gain over 200 pounds you don’t feel better.

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I must agree it’s made me feel sick. I have GERD and gag even when not eating. I’m overweight and have gallstones. I’m out of shape and week. Plus with all this it seems I’m being ignored.

I do feel my motivation is getting worse

Like its more challenging now to do things.

But I might be imagining

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They got me out of the hospital, but abilify made me really sweaty and heat sensitive for a few years.