Has anyone ever worked as an EMT

I know it’s not a well paying job, but I bet it would be rewarding.

Hanging out with cops and firefighters all day. I think that would be sweet.

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No, but I have worked in an emergency room.

If you want a better look at EMT daily tasks, I suggest a show called “Nightwatch” it follow emergency serves on the night shift in Louisiana.



But I imagine being an EMT is traumatizing.

One of my friends was an EMT and he was a little off,

I think it was because of the job.

You see people in horrible situations, on the worst day of their lives,


Doesn’t sound appealing to me,

But I’m glad it is for some because we need them in our communities.

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EMTs that I’ve met in Canada were so friendly. Much, much kinder than mental health professionals. They offered me good advice, even.

When I was escorted to the hospital by an ambulance, my residence staff asked which hospital I was going to. Realizing that this was a breach of confidentiality, the EMT on duty told her, “Do you have to know?” and drove the ambulance away with me in it. Seriously, she was so kind.

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