Has anyone ever tried being a receptionist?

I did a work trial as a receptionist in this old kinda dangerous hotel and it was sooo harrrddd.

omg. It was terrible. on the day that I was doing my first day of work they just left me on my own even though the trial was office based.
tbh I am glad I could not make it, the hotel was scary and u cud hear them having sex upstairs

wat are u guys’ experience as receptionist?

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The closest I got was a job working as an executive assistant. I did have some receptionist-like duties such as answering the phone and filing. I loved it; I was essentially thrown right into it, too. Right away, I had to figure out how to work the back end of a web platform and make suggestions to improve it for customers and staff. I had no clue how to improve it as I wasn’t even sure what I was doing yet. I learned, though.

That is the job I regret I left. It wasn’t too stressful, was quiet, had only a few people to interact with (3!), and I would have been promoted a short while later as they expanded to 6 people and moved my position up to assistant director. I could have done so much…


It sounds like that job really suited you, maybe you can go back into it in the future…theres sooooo many receptionist roles out there…i saw so many vacancies but I guess it’s not for me.

that hotel was shitty. People piss around in the apartments and some take the keys with them. so that’s pretty dangerous too.
but the team itself was really nice though except the manager I found a but intimidating as is usually=the case :)))))))))))))

wow, sorry you had a bad experience.

I think I have done this work at some point,
I’ve done just about every job.

I know I have in my volunteer work too,
for non-profits.

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I was a receptionist for an academic department at a university for a year and a half. It was SO stressful! There was usually a steady stream of people wanting things like directions, I was answering the same questions over and over, but what got me was feeling like people were invading my space every time they came to my window.

Also, I had to do things like troubleshoot printers and copiers that were located in other areas. Without fail, people would complain when I wasn’t at my desk, yet I was expected to do things that caused me to leave someone else covering my station. You can’t have it both ways!

I also hate the phone, so I hated being a receptionist. I was always afraid I wouldn’t know how to help the caller and I would look stupid.

I will never be a receptionist again!


Yea I was afraid of making bad mistakes and that’s bad cos I’m meant to be the face of the company

That too. I had a hard time being the first one people encountered, and always having to have a game face on. I think the front desk person has the highest stress job!

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i used to work as a security guard…and one of th duties was as a receptionist…but i have to admit not much was asked of me…if you want an easy job try a security guard…its good for women too as security companies need women to man reception or do airport security and stuff like that

I could never do that. Can’t sit still long enough. I have to get up and move around occasionally but I do do a lot of admin and office work. It’s okay. I can type pretty well. I took typing and clerical practice in high school.

I was the only guy in clerical practice. We learned how to use office machines so I know how to use an adding machine too. Have one of those at work. They may not have that class anymore with the computer age but I was the only guy in that class. Plenty of girls to look at.

I was a receptionist at 2 salons in college. I was much quicker and sharper then. I liked it.

Oh yeah, I was a switchboard operator in a hospital as my first job in high school and into college. Now that was a lot of phone calls!

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