Has Anyone Ever Tried a Liver Cleanse After Coming Off Antipsychotics?

Disclaimer: I wasn’t sure what forum to put this under but I think the closest one it fits under is medication and vitamins because it is to do with treatment of the physical state of the body affecting the psychological state.

I have been thinking of doing a liver cleanse since coming off paliperidone palmitate because my cholesterol is higher than normal and in the past a Doctor did mention something about my liver. Drug use can affect the liver. I’m not sure if vitamin / nutrient pills do?
But, I was watching a YouTube video and it lead me to a site where all these people were saying they felt so much better. They had more energy. And that they could think clearer after doing a liver cleanse and that all these liver stones came out.

I was wondering if someone else has done a liver cleanse after coming off antipsychotics?
If so, how did it affect your psychological state and do you think now is a good time or it is too soon to do a liver cleanse after coming off antipsychotics?

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Your liver cleanses on its own. That’s its whole purpose in your body. Anything claiming to cleanse your liver is a waste of money and a scam.

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This is the youtube video.

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I don’t know much about cleanses but he says that the average person has thousands of liver stones and that when he did the liver cleanse, hundreds came out.

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That is garbage science. There is no such thing as a liver stone.

Occasionally, a person may get one single gallstone or kidney stone, from dehydration and poor diet. These stones are very painful and obviously there. Livers don’t get stones.


More information.

Do not add Epsom salt to your cleanse without discussing potential consequences with your doctor. Too much magnesium sulfate can be poisonous to your body and can cause serious, potentially fatal side effects. Consuming magnesium sulfate can cause you to collapse or become comatose. Magnesium sulfate consumption can also cause a dangerous drop in your blood pressure, as well as cause your breathing to slow. A magnesium sulfate overdose may result in death

More information about gallstones, including treatment.


Ok. I’ll talk about it with a doctor. Your article has convinced me I should talk with a Doctor before trying any liver cleanses.

This is the site with the good reviews.

4 and 1/2 stars out of 5.

I don’t know what they put in their products.

Globalhealingcenter is a known scam and pseudoscience site. Stay away from it.

I had to remove your link because we have a policy against sharing links to dangerous and unscientific medical claims.

@Ninjastar, where can I read the rules of the forum?

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The rules and guidelines can be found here


You can get gallstones but you can’t get liver stones, The rocks that come out from a liver cleanse are literally soap stones that you produce from the large quantity of olive oil and lemon juice that you drink.

I tried this, it didn’t make me feel much better beyond a placebo effect.

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