Has anyone ever sat on a camel? lol Random I know

I did when I went to Rajesthan. We took the camels into the desert. lol When they said that’s what we’re doing I was like no way and the driver and my aunt said you’re definately get on that camel lol what a fun day that was I’m glad I did it… :smile:


I rode on one in New Orleans when I was a small child. I remember crying about it, because I was scared.

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I lived in Saudi Arabia for a while. Never sat on a camel but I witnessed a lot of people who did. In fact I watched camel races! They are pretty fast.

Many years later I was told that camels bites can lead to serious infections due to the bacteria in their mouths.

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yes in alice springs, australia.
it was very boring…yawn !
take care


nope the closest I came was riding a horse once when I belonged to a club in elementary school…we were riding down a trail and it ran me into a tree…or i ran to the tree I don’t know either way I wound up with large scratches on my neck and never got on another animal.

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We got to feed a Camel, but not sit on him. He was at the zoo and was out walking around with a zoo keeper who would educate people about camels and let a few people pet him. His name was Curly, he was very cute.


lol i wouldn’t quite say that… interesting maybe

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