Has Anyone Ever Heard of the Maastricht Interview?

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Has anyone ever heard of the Maastricht Interview for hearing voices? Apparently, it’s helped people gain insight into their voices. At least one person mentioned in this article posted today said it even cured her of her voices.

Here’s the article: theconversation.com/two-simple-questions-that-have-changed-the-way-people-hear-inner-voices-76605

And here’s my post: schizo-phrenia.com/article.php?id=14

Yes, I’ve heard of it. I’ve been to a few seminars and workshops based on it by a British man called Peter Bullimore. Very interesting stuff!

Yes, my psychiatrist is a co-inventor of this interview. I also had this interview. For me it worked very well. For the first time, questions were asked about the voices.