Has anyone else seen their therapist outside the office?

Remember when we were young and we hit that realization that our teacher didn’t LIVE at the school. Or how surprised you might been when you see the teacher at the market buying milk and cereal, dressed in non-school like clothing with her hair down… WEIRD!

I told my therapist about the water ex class my sis teaches. It’s a good class, it’s Saturday Morning deep water ex with a cardio workout, an Ab work out and a flexibility component. My therapist showed up for my sisters class.

I guess it’s not that odd… she works in this city… she lives in this city… she has every right to go to the public pool and take a drop in exercise class. But Wow was it odd seeing my therapist out of her “therapist” mode and in her “just a person” mode.

I was so tempted to try and talk to her about some other things that have been happening. But that wasn’t the time or place. It was a very weird feeling.


One of ,my pdocs stopped me in my local supermarket and said hello once. I was rather flummoxed and introduced my current GF at the time. Think that’s the closest I’ve had to real contact outside office hours of any of my heath care workers. Overall he was my best doctor I ever had but well past retirement age.

I was also on one of the consumer groups for a support agency for mental illness. I had to proof read the dating of clients protocols . They where allowed but had to reviewed by the manager to see that the client wasn’t being taken advantage off. Was a total shock reading that.

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I seem to remember seeing my old psychologist around town back in the day. He was always just walking down the street with a group of other shrinkish looking types. I know that he would often meet with a group of colleagues for lunch so that was probably where they were headed.

It wasn’t all that weird though seeing him out and about as though he fit the bill for the psychologist role he was also very informal, with me at least. He’d call me “dude” all the time and talk about how he got a little too drunk at a party over the weekend too. Just trying to make me feel more at ease and comfortable I’m sure.


I think “the Dude” would make a good therapist.

Back to the topic, I saw my therapist recently at the bank. I told him I’d call and make an appointment. I thought I had his number, but I threw it away some months ago. So I met my therapist and lied to him. :wink:

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I had a case manager who was pregnant and worked two jobs while her husband worked as an artist. I kinda had the feeling that she was being had. I saw her about a year after therapy with her and I got the distinct feeling that she had separated from her husband, and now she had a baby to take care of.

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The Dude Abides…20 characters…