Has anyone else had psychogenic polydipsia from long-term schizophrenia?

It means psychological drink everything
In Latin or smth
I drank the pot noodle liquid and the sweet chilli dipping sauce trying to strain out all the bits, because I thought my stomach had split off from my oesophagus, and any solid food would sit between my ribs
I drank lamb mint sauce because I thought somebody had given me cocaine in it
I drink 4 cups of squash or coffee tea at a time consistently, and drank a 2 L bottle of water that I just kept on refilling thinking that I was playing a peeing game with a member of staff. luckily I thought ‘Hang on I might die here’ because I really could have
People with this have been known to drink their own you’re in… I don’t think that’s much of a stretch considering what happened to me

Lol Siri
Not you’re in


i had really weird delusions involving food and people, some crazy ■■■■ that

The Dali Lama does that.

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