Has anyone done mdma crystals. I'm not encouraging them I just have a question

2016 I took maybe 6 mdma crystals within maybe one hour. The crystals are like pea size.from wat I remember they may hav been somehow smaller. I mean do they come in a standard crystal size

My question is… Is that very much or just a standard amount???

I may have drunk alcohol at the same time :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

I just wanna know wat amount of damage I did to myself really with that.


A ton of damage … get to er to seek if help if you just done this.

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I’ve done a lot of MDMA.

Probably more than I’d like to admit.

I’m sure it causes brain damage of some sort,

But I don’t believe it contributed to my psychosis or current symptoms.

I don’t know what kind of damage you did that night with the MDMA and alcohol,

But I know it’s not helping you to worry about it.

It’s in the past, you did it, there’s nothing you can do now.

The memory is doing nothing but make you anxious,

Let it go, homegirl.


How do u know it’s a ‘ton of damage’?

I can’t find anything in the article about how much is standard amount

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Yea I know it’s true it doesn’t help thinking bout it over n over…

But the thing is I want some kind of idea of how much damage I may hav done if u knw wat I mean. Its just my curiosity won’t stop til I know.

So that I can let it go more easily.

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Think I’ll ask my psychiatric nurse next week Monday too but people’s experience helps me too.

Thanks for the info.

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we call them E tablets here, I didn’t know they can cause brain damage


I uset to take them at raves, 20 years ago


Did u ever take them in the crystal form

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never heard of crystal form e


MDMA is much safer than normal E tablets.

If you have only done it once then you really shouldnt worry about it.

Its probably done absolutely nothing to your brain, and if it has, your brain should have healed itself if it was just once.


It’ll kill some people and leave others totally fine. There’s no way to know what kind of damage it did to you without imaging or some sort of testing before/after. I know it sucks not knowing, but there’s really no way to answer this.


I guess why I get concerned bout one time is because it may have been a lot n psychosis runs in the family so I may be more vulnerable and so I just wonder if I ruined my normal whole life from just one time.

I’ll ask my nurse for some reliable websites on Monday just to get a rough idea. If even that.

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I took mdma few times and 6 peas is a lot, actually who has never taken, one pea is way more than enough. If you did not vomit that means your body absorbed mdma properly. We’re you taking AP medication at the moment? Actually mdma does little damage to your body, it is psychologically less harmful than lsd and physically less harmful than cocaine. It usually takes 3 months to fully recover seratonin production in you brain from your last dose.


I wasn’t taking ap no. I had never had psychosis at that stage in my life.

It was like two months later wen I started developing paranoia and then voices and then delusions.

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That could have been a trigger for your schizophrenia. (Most likely) as it disrupts seratonin like stress, anxiety, weed and other drugs. Your were predisposed and mdma made it to trigger. My triggers was LSD and trust, I damaged my brain (At least I think that way) than you have with mdma. I even passed out from paranoia on lad and people say it is the most harmless drug in history which isn’t true


I took 6 of them. I’m surprised I didn’t vomit or something or pass out. I asked someone else too and he said he usually took one or two. So 6 does sound like a lot. I will confirm with some drug advice next week wat they think. Just want some clarity even if its vague.

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Also it depends on their strength, the whiter they are the stronger if there was brown bits then they were not that powerful. Taking rocks are much more safer and least harmful. Taking ecstasy pills can be dangerous because there are usually xanax, mdma, amphetamines, caffeine and even opiates mixed in


Where you on antipsychotics when you took it? They greatly diminish the effects of those drugs.
Las time I took drugs was a mix of mdma, weed, cocaine and speed and i was on antipsychotics, so I didn´t experiment too much of a high, only that I couldn´t sleep.
Months later without any recent trigger i was on another psychotic episode.
In my understading the most damage we can do to our brain is to enter psychosis again and, if a substance triggers psychosis, it´s bad.
But if you are good where you are at right now, don´t worry for something that happened 4 years ago…