Has anyone cured their thought broadcasting with meds?

I’m going to try the low dose Abilify, on top of my Paliperidone, on the 8th when I see my pdoc.

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Cant abilify cause anxiety? I have a thought broad casting delusion and intrusive thoughts, which gives me anxiety when in public but I manage it but I dont think I could handle extra anxiety haa

It can, but a low dose like 0.5 or 1 mg is not likely to cause much of it.

One of the off-label uses of Abilify is to treat anxiety, so it really depends on the person.

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Reckon it could be taken with risperidone? :slight_smile:

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One of the posts I quoted has someone who was taking a risperidone injection include 0.5 mg Abilify a week to treat his thought broadcasting delusion.

May want to try 1 mg a day, as needed, to increase or reduce it according to what you feel comfortable with.


This is really amazing information in this post. I feel like most pdocs don’t even know about this.

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I put myself on haldol after reading about it on crazyboards. I had severe thought broadcasting and ideas of reference. Tvs and radio talking to me. I call it all synchronisities from the world at large. Little did I know which you bring up is that haldol is an nmda antagonist. I think I may make a post about this.

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That’s interesting, did you resolve your thought broadcasting with Haldol?

Also, I encourage you to make a post about it. SZ sufferers could use more info about that symptom.

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Paliperidon has helped me with thoughtbroadcasting. On Trevicta/Trinza 263 mg atm. Was on Xeplion/Invega Sustenna for almost two years before that.

Glad it helped you.

I’m on a max dose of Paliperidone though, 12 mg, and thought broadcasting is still full-force happening every time I go out.

I used to have thought broadcasting and I just don’t anymore. In fact I can’t remember the last time I had a bad episode with peoples thoughts. I wonder if its that i am getting older or the latuda is doing its job. huh…im actually baffled right now because it used to be so powerful and now it just isnt. In fact I just finished telling myself yesterday that the people in my life dont know me at all and cant read me well. Ive never felt that way before. I used to think they would know every move before I made it. I feel a lot more disconnected from the world now though…from everything living. It feels very lonely. like I dont belong here.

Yesterday my mom said she wished she had met my step dad sooner (cute) but then my siblings and I wouldnt have been born…or we would need to find another way to the world than her and I thought to myself well it would save a world of trouble because I just think I ended up in the wrong universe altogether.

Im rambling on your post now @naturallycured so sorry.

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I’m open to any talk about curing thought broadcasting here. No apology needed!

Receptors in the brain down-regulate with age, so it’s possible that may have done it. Either that or Latuda really did it for you, or some combination of the two.

Shouldn’t feel too lonely though, people are still there for you everywhere, just have to actually, physically, talk to them now, heh.

How long have you been taking Latuda, and have you ever had thought broadcasting while on it?

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I’ve only been taking Latuda for…my timing is always off when thinking back but like 6 weeks or 7 weeks Ill say. Super new but I am going to have to say it was Latuda if I am thinking of it because I remember thinking the Pdocs smirk (that he probably didn’t actually have) was because he knew what i was thinking before I said it. And I didnt feel that way seeing him ever again or anyone for that matter

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Thanks for the info!

Latuda is suggested for use with NMDA hypofunction, so, with underactive NMDA receptors. I believe my situation is the reverse, NMDA hyperfunction, drug and injury induced, so those APs may not work for someone like me.

Brain trauma also causes an upregulation of NMDA receptors, according to this study.

“Excessive activation of NMDA receptors (NMDA receptor hyperfunction [NRHyper]) plays an important role in the pathophysiology of acute CNS injury syndromes such as hypoxia-ischemia, trauma, and status epilepticus.”

But then, there’s this, suggesting that NMDA hyperfunction eventually degrades into NMDA hypofunction:

“Persistent hyperactivation of NMDA receptors would result, in either excitotoxic degeneration of the dendritic spines on which NMDA receptors are located or in degeneration of the entire NMDA receptor-bearing neuron. In either case, NMDA receptors are deleted from the brain and the NMDA receptor system is reduced to a hypofunctional status. NRHypo thus could represent, a residual deficit, condition caused by NRHyper.”

I’m actually on the fence now, considering Latuda. Maybe I’ll try Abilify low dose with Paliperidone first.

Do you hear any voices on Latuda?

Yes I still have all other positive symptoms with no change.

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Interesting. What is your Latuda dose?

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80mgs …

Thanks! Do you have cognitive deficits on it, or did it improve your cognition?

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Yes haldol has resolved it I get nothing more like that. And im only on .85 ml dose of depo 100mg a ml

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Thank you, that’s helpful. Is it a monthly depot?