Has anyone came off of invega sustenna?


how is that pre invega


hi sandh

was thinking of you lately plus got some nostalgia from our late night conversations.

just wanted to ask how are you doing lately?

(i forgot i had opened this account long ago on the heels of narshe. haha.)


When does this dread go away


Around 6 months


What should I be feeling like it’s been 3 1/2 months since the inj


I started improving 3 or 4 months in and felt better after about 6 months. Last injection was January 10. I feel for you no medicine has hurt me like this one. It’s the only one I’ve ever taken via injection, and I pray I never have to take another med in injection form again.

The side effects were so excruciating, I’d be in tears waiting weeks for it to wear off. I felt so powerless. It reminded me of when we injected our family cat with a long acting antibiotic when she was older, only to find she was intolerant of it and had a month worth of it stuck in her system, it killed her in a few weeks.

I don’t believe my injection has done permanent damage though. That’s never a healthy belief IMO, just get through the withdrawal, mark that one off your list, and make sure docs know you react poorly to it.


Very true. Once it’s out of your system what makes you believe its permanent


Anyone been forced to take invega sustenna and withdrawal and got back to themselves?


Yes i took this poison a year ago.

Im feeling fine now


Are you taking other meds and are you spiritualy in touch with yourself


Yes i switched to 25mg of zyprexa and im in full control of my body.

You will recover from invega sustena. It gets better everyday that you off it.

I nearly died on invega sustena. I am proud and happy to say it has completely left my body a year later


How’d u nearly die


I was having intense heart palpitations and dissociated so hard i got lost in my own world.

I ended up in a normal hospital and then the mental hospital afterwards


At least ur off it. It seems most people go back to normal eventually. Thaat might not be the case for me. Ive taken about 9 injections and 2 trinza injections. It gets easier with time the longer your on it but the anhedonia and lack of motivation never go away while your on it. Im probably just going to have to be this dude the rest of my life… i really hope not. But youll get through it just give it some time…


How many injections did you get


Did you take zyprexa during or after withdrawal


If you go up in the thread, on june 27, he said he had 5 injections


Maybe till your like 60 but idk wdy think I’ll be back to normal in less then a year I took 1 156mg shot and I took it 4 months ago how long do I have left


Like walla said give it about another 6 months to a year. Im not sure on the half lifes in all that jazz but your bound to recover since your not on it anymore. If you checkout a thread called coming off invega sustenna youll see that theres New people replying all the time…my guess is that most people either give up or get better. But they probably get back to normal most likely. Oh its this thread yea try to look on the positive side things u dont need this AP


Ok do you still skate why did you let them give you this med it’s not even funny I’m a skater too I wanna go to New York and skate after it wears off… The half life is 24-49 days