Has anyone came off of invega sustenna?


For me a large part of it is stress. I had celiac disease and didn’t know it and that caused tremendous stress, and also smoking was a tremendous stress. The past while I’ve been okay with no meds after I reduced smoking and got rid of gluten. But I’m homeless at the moment and it’s 1000 degrees in the sun so really stressful and I’m starting to hear a bit of whispering and paranoia.


But see if I had meds it would have stopped me from relapsing. It’s like a safety net I wish I had… Just not 1000mg of it


Sorry buddy but we speak in a different language, I only had voices for two weeks in my life and I was brutally forced to inject, I lost anything, shot after shot, now I am an empty human shell, I will never ever put an antipsychotic in my body again, I have no more symptoms and I will never relapse, I’m pretty sure it just was a single psychotic episode. Yet the system tried to ruin me forever…


are you adhedonic and is it effecting you at all


No I’m not adhedonic but now I’m psychotic! Lol


was it pills or injection


I forgot one side effect, after my third injection my skin started falling apart, it was like I had dandruff in my whole body, a wave of dead skin was falling on the floor everytime I was pulling my pants down… It lasted about two months…


Yo i was pretty active myself before invega and i was like a 160 pounds… i cant even cry and barely laugh about my situation now i just accept it until i see if i could be weaned off


Hopefully it will pass. Were u weaned off or quit cold turkey?


Invega Sustenna doesn’t require to be tapered, after one half life (25-49 days) the plasma level falls by half, so if you got 234mg at the second half life you will have 117 and so on.


how come no one on bluelight heals


Jane come on, there are a lot of people who “healed”, and so you will!

You know what can’t be healed? Man tits! For this I’ll need surgery some day… :no_mouth: I feel like a monster… My prolactin was so high that I’m ashamed to tell the value… Hope I didn’t get a pituitary tumor as well… What a mess!


this drug is from hell


I bought L-tyrosine, dopamine precursor, let’s see if it helps with the anhedonia, I don’t know what else to try…


Beesinthetrap is at it again here straight from bluelight …just like the same repeated questions you ask there …people here cant not answer for you as well…you heal when your body heal …like I told you on bluelight take it day by day month by month .


NOONE ■■■■■■■ HEALS…



There’s been a lot of people heal on bluelight. If u look back in the pages. That’s why they’re not there anymore, they’re healed. I’m close. Pretty much back to preinvega. Just a couple things I’m still dealing with, small thou.


What are the last side effects you’re experiencing from the withdrawal?
What remain for me are anger, irritability, fatigue and a little lack of motivation.


when does the natural aura come back


Don’t get full when I eat or get any satisfaction from it, sleeping/dreaming is off/weird. Can’t feel the effects of cannabis or alcohol.