Has anyone came off of invega sustenna?


I’m behind you at 5 months. It is terrible but I think a lot of people heal at 8 months. Everyone’s different. I hope I’m healed at 6 months. It feels like I’ve been stuck in hell. That is so scary.


It took me 3 months before my symptoms starting getting better from bein off it.

It’s been 10 months and I feel I’m normal again from this crappy invega sustena injection


Really glad to hear you’re back feeling normal.
Do you remember when was your sexual function came back to normal by chance please ?

Best Regards


I’m at 5 months. FIVE. This sucks. It seems like I’m never gonna heal. Minutes seem like hours. Days drag on endlessly. I feel so hopeless. I will be so thankful when this passes. I’m absolutely miserable


Hi sir.

Irc it took me about 3 months and my sex drive came back. Was able to get a boner etc…


invega blows took a huge toll on my life if it wasnt for sarcosine i might be dead


@ pcalculated ye I smile/laugh when I hear something funny, I’m doing better than I was doing 6 months ago
I can function fine and do basic things like taking care of myself …


Hello. If you don’t mind me asking, How long was you on the shot? How long have you been off?


Steph read my previous post, I already mentioned everything you are asking


hey. been in psychiatric wards 4 times, always drug-induced “psychosis” (would get really high and dance and sing in the streets, would draw attention from everyone including police/paramedics and eventually get confined for not cooperating (every time they’d follow me around id get scared shitless and they would say “paranoia!” thing is I did nothing wrong and was being persecuted so my emotions would run wild etc.) long story short I would “lose control”, get admitted into a ward, then leave go back to smoking and then back to square one. Last time I was admitted same thing happened, but something changed…

was in psych ward for almost 2 months and my father told me I could come home IF I take medicine shots, my mother gave me the option of going to a rehab centre (and not take the shots) ((doctor said injection was an option but I could keep taking the pills I was taking instead of the shots)) wanted to go home, not to a rehab centre (for god knows how long, been there 4 or 3 times also) so I accepted the xeplion treatment (here its called xeplion, I’m Spanish, hence the broken English) without looking into it, as medication never really had changed me after stopping treatment I thought this would be the same and didn’t give it a second thought (wanted to go back to freedom as soon as possible)

First shot got me trembling, tachycardia, pain in pones (i think, cant remember exactly), fell asleep feeling like i was dying
I took invega/xeplion shots for 6 months. (after that reaction I kept taking it which makes me a retard I guess, and makes the doctors who saw my body react like that incompetent or evil, I guess both lol.)
during this time I gained weight, lost the will to exercise, lost coordination (cant dance like before), lost vocabulary, long and short term memory impaired, creativity almost gone, ETC. until I couldn’t stand it anymore, got off the medication and was really happy about being about to recover the Magic (or however u call what makes you want to get out of bed in the morning)

I’ve been off it for almost two months and I’ve been feeling worse than ever

I thought this was like all other medications I had tried, you stop treatment, symptoms (dancing and singing in the street happier than ever) and joy, motivation etc come back. Wasn’t worried about It being gone because I thought it would come back like it had always done)

but now its been two months and I seriously contemplate suicide … feels like I wont go back to being who I was before these shots (an imaginative creation-monster, always lost in deep deep complex thoughts)

did u feel loss of cognition, intellect, memory? my memory has become ■■■■. i don’t remember what I’m thinking whilst I’m thinking it. that’s how bad it is. not kidding. also I feel like I’ve forgotten everything that’s non-essential to keeping me alive. I feel like this drug leaves u with the bare minimum to keep going, in all aspects. physical emotional and mental, and by cutting the “excess” thought processes it assures that no abstraction will happen.

my spirit has gone from Surging Thunder to Listless Waning.

TLTR:: was basically tricked into taking invega by my father (now i know why she divorced him, hes even more of a psychopath than she is) and everything I held dear about my Life has been suppressed/deleted. Id like to know which one of the two it is. Do you really think it will come back? the “psychosis”, the individuality, the independence, etc. ??


hey me again

invega / xeplion induced “depression” (if depressed people woke up feeling like this one day after living with depression they’d probably all commit suicide) is gone
as I was writing my first post I felt it fading away (didn’t truly realise this) and when I was done I sent it
then I realised, no anhedonia whatsoever
so i went out, all happy and stuff, and as I hit the Random button in TIDAL (spotify lookalike) No Love by eminem started
rush of adrenaline
first in months
and then i started singing 100000% louder (ha) and better… amazing acoustics really

:slight_smile: it feels like my spirit is back with a vengeance

i now can say im glad i took the shots

I KNOW THIS SOUNDS CRAZY and you may very well think I’m a troll
ill PM u gladly and HELP YOU THROUGH THIS
I instantly love all of you for not losing hope.
I thought it could be a window but it seems permanent, who knows
maybe i wake up tomorrow feeling like ■■■■
i hope not, and i think i wont, but if That comes back I’ll have hope. which you should have too.

I recommend writing down your whole process, what YOU’ve been through, WHO you are and WHY this has happened to you

also i now see my father in a different light
i truly belive hes good and did what he thought was best
maybe hes a ■■■■ i dont know! but i feel good about him anyways now.
maybe even thankfull


hi again
I thought I was “cured” but after 24 hours feeling on top of the world (wasn’t able to sleep, too excited)
my drive went away and i was back to feeling anhedonic and without purpose
please i need to know if this happened to you, feeling 100% back and then losing that feeling again
and please can you tell me if you recovered 100%, if you went back to feeling good about life etc.?
please im desperate again and need to know if i’ll kick this hopeless feeling
I need to know if you went back to feeling like you did pre-invega, or did you get used to the lack of drive and thats what u call recovered? … I dont know what to do Need to know what to expect… could you tell your story?


Hey has anyone came off the drug completely ?its been 6 months and I feel a little better but I’m still not able to hold conversation and hold eye contact like I use to and I’m extremely sensitive


Hello Shane!
I am off the drug for 1 month now. I do have difficulty to hold conversation to some degree and I am kind of sensitive when it comes to eye contact. I only have conversations about things that interest me and I speak short phrases.

I think it has to deal with self confidence. Try to read or watch videos about how to gain self confidence.

If you don’t mind me asking, tell me buddy did your sexual function return back to normal and when if so ?


I don’t really think it’s because of self confidence cause I’m very confident a little to confident and I never had this problem before so it sucks I hope I return back to normal. Yeah I had problems with sexual function but It returned back to normal about 3 months after taking the shot so just hang in there it’ll return to normal trust me


Yes I am off invega. I think my case manager could tell. I am very high mood a lot of the time too. I can probably attribute that to my eating choices though.


Hey dude, just wanted to check in on how your progress is going!

Since I added welbutrin I literally noticed a huge improvement about a few days ago. I think I’m on the last half life of the meds bc today I feel a little bit more zonked out than I was happy and attentive yesterday the day before but I think In 25 days it will get better.

It’s qeird bc at 6 months I was like ■■■■ this is never getting better and then at 6 and a half months I was like 85% back to being myself. I take a ton of suppliments tho- iodine and boron to help get the invega and flouride our of my body, b vitamins, l-tyrosine and l-arginine for dopamine, omega 3s, etc. I also work out as much as I can. And because it finally started to get sunny out in Wisconsin I lay out in my swimsuit- I read that sunlight breaks down the invega and it’s really true- it speeds up the time it takes to pass a half life by like 5 days for every 2 hours of direct sunlight tho.

Deep inside I feel like I only have 3 more months of this feeling of blankness left and then I’ll bw able to feel again. By August I think as long as I keep exercising and laying in the sun. Seriously try the sunlight thing, the invega makes ur skin super sensitive to sunlight but it makes u feel better by a landslide.

I really hope ur feeling better dude. It was so bad like 7 weeks ago but now in my eyes they look less zombie like. I can also enjoy movies and shows now so I just binge watched game of thrones.

The other day was the first day in 2 years that I was able to workout without having to take stimulants to power through- I have adhd anyways but it helps with the invega issues in many ways.

You’ll get better soon. Keep in touch!


I lowered my dose to 3 mg in the evening. I seem to be handling it well.

I can’t go completely off meds, otherwise I get manic and start thinking this reality is a simulation.


Hey dude, I’m almost 7 months off invega. I was at 39mg for a couple months and went off it in late October of ‘17.

Literally have the same problems you do- it’s uncomfortable having to talk to people and to look them in the eye for any more than 3 seconds. It makes me feel so sketchy idk why it does that to us… I think I’m on the last half life of the rest of the invega that’s in my body bc a couple days ago I didn’t have that insatiable hunger at all and then today I felt a little wonked out.

I think I have 3 more months to go until I make a 95% recovery. But here’s the thing, I am able to maintain conversations but only small talk for a couple minutes. Finding topics to talk about is still hard tho if u know what I mean- kinda like ur never in the head space to be conversational and think of random ■■■■ to say. I work out every day and now I lay out in the sun so I can get the rest of the invega out of me. I hear sunlight works best. I think around 9 months or 10 it will be way better. At 6 months I was still in hell then at 6 and a half it was almost like 85% better.

Hope this helps


Oh and welbutrin really helps