Has anyone came off of invega sustenna?


I’m From IL. A couple hours south of Chicago.


I’m from Alabama


How old r u? I’m 26 so it ■■■■■■■ sucks that at this age I’m stuck at home doing nothing for 150-300 days instead of living life like I used to…


Bro I’m 32 and yes I do agree. I had a very fun life no cares or worries in the world. I feel I am a shell of the man that I used to be.


It’s the worst. and I get anxiety bc of the Invega too it’s so hard to explain bc it makes me hate crowds it makes me not want to go anywhere and it makes me scared to communicate bc I’m afraid I’ll come off as medicated bc I can’t react quickly to anything anyone says to me, like it takes me a bit to respond and it’s only with a short sentence. I can’t even make conversation. All I can do is maybe go to a movie bc then I don’t have to talk and all I have to do is sit there- but going out to eat? Sitting and talking? Nah…


I don’t get anxiety but I definitely can relate to having a delayed response time and not having much dialogue in conversation anymore. It’s hard for me to talk to anyone. It’s weird how invega can cause that. What do you think the reason is?


I literally think it blocks so much dopamine and serotonin in your brain that it makes it impossible to perform any type of complex thought or reasoning. Have u realized how u can’t really think creatively or that u have no imagination? It has to be that the ability to switch from topics in conversation requires a basic amount of dopamine that it won’t let u have. I think the same goes for having any motivation to even take care of yourself like showering or doing laundry- usually we do it bc it makes us feel like we’re contributing to looking good and maintaining our social life but there’s none of that. I do know that it blocks so much of our D2 receptors that are responsible for simple rewards that that is why it makes it difficult to even get up off the couch. With nothing to make u want to do something there’s no desire to change where you’re already at. It was really bad for me at higher doses but it still is bad. It’s so unnatural that it blocks things in ur brain that u never even knew u were taking for granted.


Wow I never thought of it that way. But it makes so much sense. I’ve never been a person to lack in conversation or take care of myself from a hygiene perspective. Well why do you think that some people are affected worse than others? It’s people that do well on invega and it helps them but then again others like you and I are affected in the worse way.


Wow! I can relate to everything being said. I’m happy we’re not alone. I wish I could sue.


In terms of that I think it’s because some people’s brains don’t require as much dopamine as others. And I think that no matter who says it helps them, there’s no way they have any type of strong emotions whatsoever.


@anon20742722 @Steph fellas what pisses me off the most is that my mom thinks this is all in my head. I’m telling her that my motivation for taken care of myself and things has drastically went down. She says that I’m being lazy and that I’m not a doctor to diagnose myself. And I’m telling her that it’s people that I’ve met online that are dealing with same things that I am.


Hello, I was prescribed this med and experienced the same side effects which is the reason I needed to stop usage. I however have schizophrenia and at the time this medication served its purpose and put negative symptoms in remission. I took the medication monthly for a little over two years at a low dose about 1.5- 3 mgs. It took about two weeks for the med to leave the body with feelings of agitation, sleeplessness and My diseases is still in remission. Doctors advise you should only take enough of this medication to reduce symptoms. The withdrawal is uncomfortable But should be very doable if you’ve only been on it a few months. The medication kills testosterone and the brains physiology. I’ve been waking up again with blood flowing where it should be. You can do it! If anyone on here knows of an antipsychotic or med that treats schizophrenia without ruining testosterone or prolactin please post some of your experiences. I found invega to be an initial life saver but long term horrible for a normal healthy body.


Everything you guys are talking about ive felt like ive experienced/ experiencing. I do feel like it has something to do with our dopamine and seratonin levels.


@Brandn were you on the injections? Or the pill? The injections seem to affect people differently than the pill. The pill can come out of your body a lot faster than the injection. I wish that I had the pill form instead of the injection.


@symbolicone09 you been off the shot a while has your feelings returned to normal? Are you motivated? Is your libido back?


My feelings returned to normal in the sense that i can get mad or sad, laugh sometimes feel frustrated bored etc etc. there are days tho were im just depressed and it feels like im dealing with anhedonia. Motivation is kind of back im trying to get another job(currently on unemployment) and try to get back out in society which is hard cause like others has pointed out invega messes with your cognitive thinking.


I’ve been off any treatment since 9 years ago.


Sorry, I just now googled cabergoline. It would definitely help me… but it would probably be extremely awkward to explain to my family female doctor why I need a prescription for these pills. She’ll probably send me first to make some tests to find out if that prolactin-cancer is still high… :roll_eyes: sigh


I was on the injection for 2 months and then switched to the pill. I took the pill form for a long period and this drug still has same serious side effects long term and isn’t easy to stop cold turkey.


@Brandn so do you feel you are back to norma? Motivation? Libido? Mood?