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Has anyone came off of invega sustenna?


I’m experiencing the same thing, except I took Zyprexa and not Invega. After that I took Risperdal and, more recently, Abilify (I previosly responded well to Abilify).

I’ve been off of Zyprexa for 11 months, and still cannot feel any pleasure, even from stimulants.


Hi.i used to 100mg on this drug.i used to have some sexual dysfunction an weight problem but three month after decreased to 50 mg my libido and orgasm abilities came back.i m also on the way that giving my all extra weights.for those who worried about side effects of this drug i can say there is no permanent side effects.it s just ordinary medicine and this very funny to say but its not coming from hell.:joy:


Mdma worked for me after i got off invega tho i dont know know how well because i never tried it. Beforehand


Ya i know its not something from hell but it just feels so unfair to have to have got these shots . Why cant u get drunk like normal thats strange having to deal wiv it


Nah they don’t usually cme back man Invega knocks them out for good dude.


I wish I had time to read the posts. I am going for my second shot today…


Yea dude welcome to the club. I don’t have this ■■■■ either yet I’ve been hospitalized a dozen times since 2001. Keep taking that medication is my advice, it’s all you can do. That and learn how to knit or something. Oh yea and I got mine from expanding my mind with drugs too. You ought not smoke pot anymore either unless you want to make the illness a thousand times more severe.


I realize that this thread is primarily for people who have taken Invega, but nonetheless, I will still mention that I have been off Lithium for 10 days… I feel better. I do not know if it is because of the freedom I feel from being off a court order or if it is because I am off those meds. Today I asked my GF/Fiance if she notices any difference. She said that I am in a much better mood. I asked her how sure she was of this and she replied, “100%”. For someone who does not just spit words, that says a lot. It hasn’t been long but so far it’s looking up.

Pretty much all the advice out on the net says to taper of Invega slowly and or any antipsychotic for that matter- even Invega Sustenna which has a much much longer half life and do so under doctor supervision. I am no medical expert but at this moment I believe that given this protracted duration of this particular drug in the system, tapering off the Sustenna dosage-wise is not as important because it tapers itself.

I am starting a new job later this week. I literally cannot afford experiencing an on-rush of negative withdrawal symptoms. However, I am sick of my case managers, sick of psychiatrists, sick of therapists, and most of all, sick of this drug and the way it makes me feel. I understand I am taking a major risk by not getting supervision by a doctor who can help wean me off this drug, but at this moment, I am willing to take that risk. I will let you know how it goes…


hi symbol joey and kitty how long before you got your emotions back was able to get drunk again ,got your sex life back,and just get back to normal again after having this poisonous invega sustana


Emotions came back after 7-8 months, im taking different meds now so sex life inst 100% but alot better then when i was on invega, i can get drunk but it takes more alcohol to do it but that could be because i also gained some weight.

I still battle with depression and derealization


See above…


hi kitty how are you coming on now did you ever get to feel right 6 months for me getting to feel a bit better still no emotions cant get to feel anything from alchol or weed hoping to come right though what a horrible poisonous med wouldn’t wish it on anybody anyway hope you came right


What vitamins did you take? And what foods did you eat? I’m coming off of invega too


I can totally relate to you! I haven’t been able to sleep either since invega and it’s been 3 months. How are you sleeping now? I’m scared I might never be able to sleep again.


I got 12 of these injections back in 2013 and it wrecked me with a long list of side effects including anhedonia and insomnia like Kitty4. It’s been almost 5 years and I still haven’t recovered. Was wondering if any of you tried St. John’s wort to speed up the elimination process of Invega Sustenna. There are info about it interacting with Invega Sustenna that way.
“st. john’s wort oral will decrease the level or effect of paliperidone palmitate im by affects how the drug is eliminated from the body (via what is known as the P-glycoprotein [MDR1] transporter).”


Hey everyone, please hang in there! This ■■■■ almost ruined my life, but I got better!!

I was misdiagnosed with schizophrenic episodes (which was actually dissociation due to stress and depression).

I took Invega for almost 3 months, 6 mg tablets, with Valdoxan 25 mg.

I got worse and worse as I lost my ability to plan, think, have conversations. It was almost painful to think, all my actions had to be planned in very short step-by-step sequences, my short-term memory and concentration were drastically impaired. At one point I was almost physically unable to get out of bed. I knew I wanted to move but my body wouldn’t.

Then I found out by another doctor that I’d been misdiagnosed and that the medication could be harmful, especially combined with some other medication I was taking. The doctor told me to go cold turkey immediately and I did.

What happened next was that I experienced severe anhedonia, anorgasmia, inability to think, I couldn’t sleep deeply or for long periods, I had horrible nightmares but couldn’t tell if they scared me or not as I didn’t have any emotions. I couldn’t cry. I couldn’t mourn. I understood what had happened to me but I couldn’t feel angry or scared about it, I was like an empty shell. Food lost it’s taste, I didn’t feel love, joy, arousal, hate, stress, anxiety, shame, nothing. Not even physical pain (discovered this as I hurt myself badly a couple of times) or any kind of pleasure. I was suicidal, literally every aspect of my life had turned into a mess, affecting my family in the worst ways possible.

This happened 7 months ago. About 2 months ago I started experiencing a change, emotions coming back (mostly negative ones, but they were more than welcome as at least I wasn’t a zombie anymore). Today I’m almost completely recovered, thank god!! I’d say that I still suffer from depression but I can cry, feel anxious, unhappy, sad, nervous, even happy and motivated at times. I laugh a lot more and I’m able to fake smiles, participate in discussions and joke. I feel physical pain and I’m able to orgasm again. I’ve started working out somewhat and food has gotten it’s taste back.

I strongly advise you guys to take magnesium, I think it helped me a lot. But also the support from family and friends. Don’t give up! The brain is amazingly complex and definitely able to repair itself.

Sending y’all lots of love


Hello everyone I’m just starting at a month here or no invega and I can’t believe everything I read I would’ve never taken invega if I knew how long it would be in my system for. I also used to have an active lifestyle of working out and running. Because of the medicine I have no desire to do both and I can’t run more than a mile like what Joey on the forum said. I’m gonna need good emotional support to get out of this mess. Please anyone I’m on Facebook


Hello Everybody!

I have bipolar disorder with psychotic features. I was put on Invega Sustenna last summer after I was hospitalized and refused drugs for two months. Nothing was working to stop the voices and when the gave me the 234mg Invega Sustenna injection, I suddenly snapped out of my delusional reality.

I quickly gained 20 pounds and I started noticing that I felt different. My voice sounded different. I moved differently. I couldn’t cry. I could not feel emotional. No happiness. No sadness. I noticed that I no longer felt interested in things that I was previously interested in. In fact, feeling inspired or interested in anything new was nearly impossible. I used to love movies and I lost all interest. Books, not interested. I lost my period and my sex drive. I have absolutely zero libido.

I started to tell my doctor about this, and she slowly reduced my medication from 234mg’s to 78mg’s. It has been almost 2 months since I have gone down to this lowest dose. I have noticed that I feel less numb and I have been having moments where I feel emotional breakthroughs.

But I still do not really cry. I still cannot nap. I still don’t have my period. I still don’t have interests in anything. I woke up this morning worried about the withdrawals from the Invega Sustenna Injection and I learned through research that the drug titrate out of the system very slowly which means that withdrawals are rare. I was so relieved to learn this.

My doctor is having me take a few more shots of the 78mg’s and then we are going to spread the shots out be six weeks. Eventually I will go off the shot altogether. That day cannot happen soon enough!

I am not worried about anything happening permanently, but I wonder how long it will be before the drug is out of my system? I would also like to know if anyone has experienced withdrawal effects when going off of the injection?

Thank you!


@symbolicone09 i was wondering how your holding up.


Hi vbodnariu I am 8 and a half months off the poison I was received 6 shots libido came back at about month 5 still getting w/d effects suicidal thoughts anxiety insomnia etc but getting less now cant get drunk or high still emotions slowly coming back I was put on by court order i am not skits or bipolar just was withdrawing from sleeping pills zopiclone sustenna is a wicked drug takes all your joy and pleasure away anyway hopefully not long now a year I reckon hope you get well soon