Has anyone bought a condo/ home before?

I own a townhouse. The association fees pay for new roofs, exterior painting, paving the driveway, and more. We don’t have a mortgage. It is an affordable place to live.

@loke: We have manufactured homes nearby that are for sale. The homes are affordable and I’ve looked at a few with interest.

@FadeToBlack: I’ve lived independently before but you are right, there will probably be an adjustment period. I’ll only ask my friend in if I can’t make it happen financially.

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Do you pay hoa fees? I’d prefer a townhome but it would be too much space. Plus I couldn’t afford it.

edit: I see you do pay association fees, nevermind

I have my own apartment, as well as a piece of land on which I’m going to build a big house. i am coping

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I don’t think we have condos in the UK. But I do own a 3 bedroom house. My mum helped me get it. I hope I live here the rest of my life

I think you’re right about condos. But if they’re in a great location that changes things for the better. Good luck!

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