Has anyone been on unemployment?

So don’t look down on me for saying this. So last year around my birthday i lost my job due to an episode. So to start off the new year it’s been rough. None of my bills are paid well a few that are on auto pay not that i wanted them to take that money. I get disability and my rent is according to my income. I applied for food stamps and unemployment.

I guess i just had a thought. I want a career but unemployment wants me to apply for random 3 jobs per week. I want a career and not just a random job. My question was is there a way to stretch out unemployment until i found a career i really liked and wanted to keep. I thought about going to school for A+ just for now and work in help desk. I need money as of now. I really would like to go into the ministry but that seems kinda hard for me right at this moment. Thanks.

are you sure you’re going to get unemployment

if you were fired, they will fight it

just stay on disability and get a part time, low stress job.

They already approved it. But because i didn’t open the letter last week i didn’t get benefits. But my job sent me like 10 bucks. Had i knew and applied for 3 jobs i think im going to get like 200 a week…

if im reading and understanding the papers right.

Once Phil’s FICA is paid, he can get unemployment for up to 6 months

he has paid into it all his life, and drawn too

I’m not sure how long you could extend it

but it seems like it’s just temporary.

yeah…But i just wanted to find a career instead of random jobs. I just wished i knew. But thanks. I knew it was temp But i wanted to stretch it out a little while so i could find a job i really liked.

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you qualify for voc rehabilitation

they told me, creative jobs, all I do is write, no money

but they’ll help you identify your desires and skills to get that job you want.

They won’t find you a job, though. You gotta do that on your own.


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