Has anyone been injected some mad antipsychotics first day in a psych ward?

What do they use? Its clearly in injection form. When i was severely psychotic, the first day on admission I got some antipsychotic that conpletely knocks you out, everything is blurry and cant remember stuff for like 2-3 days. P.s. its not quatiapine, haldol, risperidone. It must be one of the strongest typicals in injection form

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All I know is they injected me once with something extremely potent.
They said it was a mega dose of Ativan and this other drug I never heard of before, I forget the name of it now.

I started hallucinating on it and when they first injected me with it I started shivering, my body temperature dropped.
They wrapped me up in a bunch of blankets.

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I wasn’t injected first day in psyche ward but I was injected once with haldol as punishment for arguing with a nurse and then later was injected with Invega after my court hearing to decide if they could keep me longer and forcibly give me antipsychotics.

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the jumped me and stuck me with a needle, took six of them :frowning: idk what would have happened if they didnt medicate me though, i sometimes wonder if counselling would have helped.

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I’ve never been injected with psych meds. They suggested an injection but I refused, pills only for me.

The first time I was in the hospital they came to me with some pills but I started a legal argument about how I didn’t have to take them and they didn’t push the issue.

The second time I was in the hospital I voluntarily agreed to try the meds even though in the back of my mind I didn’t want too, but they were persistent that they would help me so I decided to trust them, after I took them they strapped me down to a gurney and transported me to a different hospital, a real dump, for about 3 days to observe me.

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Same here


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What they gave me, prevented me from fighting back against the voices.

It turned hell, into extreme hell.

It also made me so mentally and physically numb, that when back home, I tumbled down a staircase yet felt no pain at all.

They gave me abilify which was a mistake. I had tardive dyskinesia on abilify. Ive never had an injection of any aps. But that will probably change.


I never got an ap injection. Only injections I got were my covid vaccines lol

I’ve gotten an arse full of Haldol on several occasions. All of them were because I was being a problem. I accept it now, but was unhappy at the time.


i dont think i was that bad when they zapped me lol, i have been worse since though at certain times

My friends a doc in the ER and he usually injects aggressive patients with Haldol til they calm down

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They shot me up with Invega and I had massive akathisia the whole time I was there, couldn’t stop pacing and other patients were yelling at me because of it.

This was like 4 years ago. I don’t do hospitals anymore.


Ive always copped the Haldol jab when in crisis. And procyclidine pills for the side effects.

That stuff sorts me out in hours lol. Its been a few years ago tho now.

They jumped me with Clopixol.

I got injected with a mystery substance once.

Was in the ER seeing shiit and being paranoid.

They shot me up then wheeled me on a gurney to the ward.

We had to go through these underground tunnels to get there, and I for sure thought they were sending me to the incinerators.

Not a good time.

0/10 would recommend.

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Chlorpromazine? Zuclopenthixol?


Probably 15151515

What does this 1515 stuff mean? I see it a lot on this forum, and everyone except me seems to know what it means.


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Yes i remember that they shot something really powerful but i dont know what it is.