Has anyone been assaulted for their SZ before? I've become so passive

SZ has definitely changed me as a person. I used to argue with people, and have opinions, and motivation to try new things, but now I don’t feel like I am the same person. Has anyone ever been abused for being sick? Or attacked?


When I was unmedicated I was very skinny.My mobile ring and I answered.Two guys saw me talking and behind my back I heard like “let’s catch the junkie”.Next thing my nose was broken and bleeding,and my phone was gone. I was in front of restaurant and nobody made a move or came out.Some guy in corner shop gave me paper tissues to stop the bleeding,I didn’t have money even for that.Let’s say I was looking strange so I provoked this.Four days after,I was first time in hospital after two years walking the city.

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That’s terrible, I’m sorry that happened to you.

We all been through something,so it’s just my story.

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I’ve been being hurt for three years now and nothing I change stops it from happening to me.

Can you talk about it?

I’m too scared to I think they’re watching all of my activity and I just want to forget it’s happening.

I’ve almost been attacked by a group of people, 3 times in my life; but I’ve avoided them, with only a few scratches. Yet to actually be attacked must be traumatizing.

Nowadays, my paranoid sz ironically keeps me from assaulters.

That’s for me too.

I’ve assaulted someone but never have been assaulted.

Pretty passive until ill. Tends to be when hospitalized though. Therapy wise I have been more trying to get to the root of the problem with others. I’m getting better with communication skills and dealing with my anger more appropriately. I use to be so passive aggressive a lot more then I am atm at any rate.

I used to be like @dazedandconfused, tough, opinionated, defensive. I stood my ground. I was just thinking to myself the other day What the ■■■■ happened to me? Im scared to go into a store now. Ive also almost been assaulted when i wasn’t well. I guess I had a far off look on my face and usually young people get up in arms about stuff like that.

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I used to have so much more passion and emotional complexity too. Now I’m medicated.:pill::sleeping:

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Im like that when im driving . Also i dont feel strongly about my opinions either

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