Has anybody had an MRI?

Wondering if anybody has had an MRI / brain scan either before or after their diagnosis.
I had an MRI done the other week, and the results came back as follows:

  1. No evidence of cause for seizure. Hippocampi are normal. No gross
    abnormality in neuronal proliferation, migration, or organization.

  2. Normal brain.
    Hippocampi are well-formed and unremarkable without sclerosis or
    atrophy. Internal architecture is preserved.
    Ventricles, cisterns, and sulci are symmetric and normal in size.

Basically (TL;DR)… everything comes back normal, with no grey matter loss or enlarged ventricles, or anything like that.

I had a brain MRI many years ago. It was normal. But I don’t have a copy of the report to read you the verbiage. They did it because they were looking for signs of MS.

i have had a couple, one in a study for SZ, they sent me the pic’s, which is why I agreed to the study

I had a mri done over 17 years ago to look for abnormalities for seizures. It came back normal. Yet, I still have seizures, lmao.

I had two. Wasn’t told anything but that they were normal.

Had one when I was 16, long before diagnosis and it was normal.

This is normal with schizophrenia. Some show enlarged ventricles. I’ve not heard of noticeably reduced hippocampal volume, but even fewer would show that or grey matter loss since the enlarged ventricles are the most common sign.

The cause for seizure thing looks to be that they didn’t find any deviant patterns in the structural MRI that indicates damage resulting from seizures. It doesn’t mean you didn’t have a seizure, and even the best tests can not rule out previous seizures.

I’m not a doctor or MRI technician, so take this with a grain of salt and ask your doctor if you need more reliable information.

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