Has anybody had an airport romance

I had once two decades ago, I was a student and studied at one business school In Michigan, I had taken a flight from Helsinki to JFK New York and I had some time to spend there. I met an attractive woman from Bermuda, she was on her way from Boston to London where she was an architect and we had some fun, kissing, at the JFK airport. Currently she lives in Bermuda as far as I know, Some fun memories from my youth.

I lived in Bermuda for 3 uears

Sometimes people are just so good. I remember how I returned from Moscow to Helsinki in 1987 and I waited at the train station of Helsinki, but then they closed the train station for the night and one young woman noticed me and she offered her place for the night where I then stayed. She was totally unknown to me and there was nothing sexual between us. In the morning before I left her place I offered her a cigar I had purchased in Moscow, but she did not want it, maybe she did not smoke. But sometimes people are just so good.