Has anybody gotten the best of you

Has anybody gotten the best of you, for example humiliated you, made you angry, embarrassed you, made you depressed, made fun of you. That happened to me in high school. A group of guys made fun of me. Then I got social phobia.


Yes all the time at school, bullies masquerading as friends told me a girl fancied me and persuaded me to ask her out, and after I got rejected they appeared at the window laughing.

More recently there was an addict who manipulated me into giving her money / my ex-girlfriend who manipulated me to self-sacrifice and caregiving / a fellow student who caused friends and teachers to turn against me. I seem to attract a lot of this stuff.

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Oh yeah, especially when I was younger. Now I make a point of socializing less and selectively to avoid these circumstances.


My friends (When I had them) and I would just joke around and have fun getting the best of each other at almost every opportunity. I don’t have any friends any more, just lost contact with them over the years. They all moved away and/or started families.

Like my friend joked and called me crazy and I joked and made fun of him cause he went bald.

If someone gets the best of me it can be bothersome sometimes, but I don’t let it eat away at me.


Yeah, my ‘voices’ have attempted this upon a daily rota it’s like they have no lives of their own, just abusing me, that’s all they have in life, it’s like they have OCD I mean this has continued for years now!.

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Yes several times. Different people. When I was younger.

The entire world is willing to bring you down, don’t join them.

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You win some and you lose some. Be gracious when you win, try and learn from those times when you don’t so you’re better prepared for the next opportunity. Just because you can’t do something right now doesn’t mean you can’t do it EVER. It’s okay to not be ready for something today and take another swing later. Don’t let losing eat at you too much.

I do find F2F interactions both challenging and draining. I limit them to what I have to, but sometimes you do have to put yourself out there and take a risk. It’s healthy and losing can also be healthy so don’t be too afraid of it.

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My so called best friend got a hold of my debit card pin and cleaned me out. He paid me back but he never made amends.

Now I am much more careful about who I trust. Live and learn.

Is someone getting the best, the best, the best, the best of U ?


Jokes aside, yeah plenty of times.

When I lost my best friend I was depressed. For a long time. I think that was one of those times that something affected me really strongly. I relied on her so much. It was a learning curve not to rely on someone so much

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