Has anybody gone through this?(pseudobulbar)

This happened to me last night
Where I exploded in laughter and I didn’t think anything was funny…
It was scary…

Everything in is linked to inflammation!
It’s insane!

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I bet the joker has this !!


We’re you anxious? Anxiety can cause people to laugh uncontrollably as well

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Well if you look at the image above
Some people going through Parkinsonism or inflammation of the spine get this symptom!!
So I’m about to get an MRI of my spine right now as we speak!
I will keep you all updated !
I’d prefer to just update anybody independently since some people here are very negative towards my situation .
So if you’d like to know what happens let me know
And I will tell you independently
Wish me luck!

That’s what I first thought!!
I was thinking about how I was becoming like the joker! Haha
But I really don’t think my laughter has the same causation as his! HahaHa
Since my spine and movement disorder was occurring all at the same time along with burning of the hands

Yes anxious because of how damn physically sick I am!
I’m about to get an mri right now to rule out inflammation of the spine…
Perhaps this can lead to a discovery
We will see what happens!

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Are you sure it’s not inappropriate affect? It’s a symptom of SZ.

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I don’t have SZ…
I definitely have a mood disorder
And I have trouble being understood and and understanding people sometimes …
Sometimes I have derealization with confusions while dystonic winds happen.
This right here is my biggest problems
I might be a little schizoaffective
But maybe people with aspie are
I have a session with my new psychotherapist this Sunday…
I’m moving forward with correct diagnosis this time
Along with physical illness diagnosis…
It’s been the biggest battle going through all of this…
I always think that maybe if my body didn’t fight me so much ,my moods would be a lot better!
Let’s see how this pans out

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They are testing it in the new schizophrenia meds. All it is is cough syrup in pill form

They wouldn’t give me an mri at the Er
I need a primary care doctor
And long story short
There is a giant line to see a neurologist in Los Angeles area…
My partner and I have been living in a new location in our van for over a couple months now
And managed to save some money not paying rent
We now have enough money for a security deposit and first months rent.
My partner and I are hopeful that we will find a place soon …
When we do
I’ll be able to get my insurance transferred here and my ssi
At that point
I will be able to get a primary care doctor ASAP!

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