Has anybody ever done sand tray/sand play therapy?

This is one of the things that I remember when I was going to therapy. It was something that really helped me a lot and I’m just curious if anybody else has has any experiences with it.


u mean the thing with the rake

very zen huh

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Nope something different. Basically you have a tray of sand and then you have a bunch of different objects. Like small toys or trinkets and you set the objects up however you want. At the end you and the therapist talk about why you set them up like that what the objects mean and stuff. Basically it’s a way to express inner struggles without having to try to verbally explain them right away.

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ptsd therapy i did some obscure stuff, it helped me a bit

but never did that one

its not for ptsd tho??

is it cbt

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My therapist sometimes would ask me to think about a certain thing before I set things up. Like think about school or family or a certain emotion. And then I’d set everything up and we’d analyze it. If I was thinking about family then it would show how I felt about family and my relationship with them. It was easier for me to tall about if I could see it in front of me and explain it that way.

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im glad it works for u!!!

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It is something that is used for ptsd. It helps people explain and work through trauma without actually having to relive it. It is used on children a lot as they aren’t always good at verbally expressing themselves. But it works in adolescents like in my case. And adults. For me it was used for trauma.

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Did you ever do the one where you re-live the trauma in a beautiful “Safe spot” and you have your protector

it was right when aaron judge was a rookie. He was my protector with his big bat

and this field was my safe spot

we imagined we were there, then we worked through trauma

i loved that one!!

and the tapping

now im good tho

My 1st therapist made me use plasticine figures and asked me what I would do with them if they were my school mates, kinda like voodoo dolls lol, I was 12 or so it was my 1st therapist, and I had one more therapist until I found the one I did more therapy with.

Not that specifically, but I did art therapy for a while. I really enjoyed it! It’s actually what convinced me to move to Victoria from Vancouver

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