Has anybody else ever had this fantasy?

that you would be allowed to explore all the different buildings and architecture in the cities and other interesting places without getting in trouble. I’ve always wanted to go and check out other people’s stuff haha. but I don’t, because I don’t want to go to jail.


The only thing I can suggest is to learn how to lucid dream. All the funky structures you see in your dreams you can explore to your satisfaction if you learn how to do that.

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Going to Jail is Bad.

Don’t Do That… . …


I did that very thing when I was psychotic the first time and once later. Luckily I didn’t get caught. I also went into a church that was empty but preparing for a wedding because there was a wedding cake on a table. I wanted to smash it with my fist. I’m so grateful I didn’t do that.


I wish I could get into a lot of people’s attics, because attics usually have interesting stuff in them. One time a friend of mine and I got into the attic of this abandoned house, and we found all these newspapers from World War II in it. I wish we had inspected that attic more carefully. There was probably other interesting stuff in it.

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Instead of a peeping Tom, I’ve always wanted to be a peeping Tina. Take a walk down a street of interesting looking, well kept, modest houses and look through their windows and watch people as they go about their daily lives. Not for lascivious purposes but just to see people go about their lives and sneak in on them unknowingly.


I’ve had fantasies over living in one Earth 1000+ years, then go to another, another, and so on until Ive thoroughly explored and lived in every earth 10 times – yup yup I think that would be cool🙃

When I was diagnosed, I would do bus and metro trips alone and get lost far away exploring the evironment. Its at that time that I knew something was wrong with me.

Its like if I was trying to escape reality.

For some reason I thought this was gonna be dirty. A dirty fantasy.

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