Has any body thought they where the one

This started about 2-3 years ago I was seeing evil spirits that one had attacked me and the I started getting the thoughts of that I was jesus, hearing voices though sound and talking to what I thought was God and the virgin merry. Then I stared get coincidences and sycronisities all most all day long like when I enter a room people on the TV start to cheer or things on the tv pertaining to aliens I thought I was talking to them to. The voices tell me all these crazy stories of how the world will end and how they are the creators of the univers they also tell me that their going to torture me and everyone. Has any one gotten these similar delusions and or sycronisities, thinking that they are the one or chosen for some thing like the voices tell me I am going to give birth to an evil God “iam a Male btw” or feel as though they are being led almost all the time as I’ll sync up with stuff on TV or in the world and getting weird feelings In the body that the voices use to lie to me with?


that’s one thing about what we experience- even though they suck us in and we can believe them- they really don’t make sense. just duck when that happens.


I experience a lot of similar things you listed! Too many to get into detail about though.

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I thought I had been chosen to be a prophet and that it was an answer to my prayers to hear Gods voice so kind of.


Like what? May I ask

I have a delusion about aliens observing us. At one point I thought I was some sort of ambassador to alien life. I used to talk to myself a lot because I was hearing strange things. Fortunately, mine weren’t malevolent although at one point they did mention they could destroy the world in the blink of an eye and they tested me (at least in my mind) about how I’d react. I’ve also thought I was a prophet before in a world of dying faith. I no longer suffer the prophet delusion. Deep down inside I still feel aliens are observing us. Oh and I did think there was some form of strange communication through the television, and a telepathy delusion.

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It always interests me how many folk think they are Jesus. Kinda confirms it’s a similar process with the brain. Like the great Dire Straits song says. " Two people think they are Jesus. One of them must be wrong ". Put that into the situation and you see how similar we all are!

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negative entities manipulate my body like a puppet/experiment, they give me constant nightmares every single night and if I don’t have them it’s only when I have insomnia. They talk non stop about anything negative pertaining to me and won’t stop talking about hell and suffering. They cause synchronicities to happen to purposefully threaten me and cause me to continually be afraid day and night. I have isolated myself and changed drastically. I am scared to accept any type of gift or compliment or positive attribute someone may give to me because these entities punish me in some way or make me feel guilty for any little thought, action, or word. It drains me everyday, and my only escape is isolating, yoga/exercise, meditation, and reading.

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Are you on any meds?

I thought i was a prophet for awhile. It was my first episode and how i ended up at the hospital. I thought i had to die to save people. I kept yelling at the doctors to kill me

When i think about it now i just lol, how crazy

Yes on rispidal

Yes this is almost exactly what happening to me especially with the gift thing and with hell. Do they tell you are the one or jesus?

Iv seen the entites messing with me they look like shadow people and floating rotting heads

This all started after yoga and meditaion

They have repeatedly said to me, “You are chosen.” But I know they are referring to the curse they put on me (they have told me this so many times and have shown me that they cursed my heart in my dreams also.) It is a never ending cycle of negativity feeling terrified day and night!

Have they said you where chosen like jesus or the one

Have they said your the one out of every one

No they have not said I am the one out of every one or saying I am chosen like Jesus or Buddha

close the door to these voices. you know better are you perfect?

No not perfect but they tell me that iam chosen like the anti christ