Has adding abilify to your AP or AD helped you?

Hi, im suffering cognitive and memory from haloperidol and thought abilify should help? Anyone has improved their wellbeing by adding an Abilify pill? Also is anxiety a normal side effect of abilify?

It might make you hyper sexual, thus causing akathisia. However, do expect impulsive shopping.

After what I’ve been told ability should improve cognition to a greater extend than most other meds. Give it a chance to prove it for half a year and then report back.

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I just dropped 5mg as my pdoc instructed, tomorrow 5mg and then up to 10mg daily. I feel more aware of mt surroundings and my comprahension improved by a lot

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I can’t say anything about cognition and focus since I also have autism.

Abilify has been best for negative symptoms. I was on it for 8yrs but I developped dopamine dysregulation syndrome from it I think because it caused addictions to shopping and sex. I think it can make addictions worse.

It made me impulsive and compulsive.

Abilify really works for some, hardly at all for others. I had a bad experience, but everyone is different with these meds.

Abilify picked me up a little. It might go good with Haldol. I don’t know.