Has a miracle happen ever before?

in you’re opinion?..

is life a miracle?

What is a miracle any way, I am glad to be alive, that’s no miracle …

If i won the lotto it woould be a miracle

life is a miracle IMO…as in do you remember as a sperm before life as a baby?

People hate me i dont know why.

If i sit in at the table people are constantly trying to get at me.

Wtf is wrong with people

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Interesting, I agree that our sperm and eggs are a part of the life, be come to our existence in this way, the way of our life …

do they hate you or it’s your paranoia?

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People hate me even before they meet me.

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I do not hate you …

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it’s your paranoia probably…

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imo the tadpoles in the sperm racing to the womb is a miracle 100% to create a life

life is a miracle. everything is a miracle and a wonder.

I am glad that the sperm found the egg when I was born, I suppose we can say it for all of us …

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Miracles happens all the way. Depends of what you dream :smile: just kidding

If people hate you for no reason, it’s probably paranoia.

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yes I call this a miracle…

I don’t hate you. You seem nice and respectable.

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People stress me out.

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It’s just social anxiety, friend. Not everybody is the same.