Hard to resist

Shopping in the bakery section in Safeway at 12:00 am. Do-nuts, pie, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, And last but not least, delicious cakes. They look so good, I think I’ve literally bought two cakes in my entire life just for myself. I want to buy a huge chocolate cake and bring it home and take it out of the box and grab two handfuls with my bare hands and just cram that stuff in my mouth. Then take all my clothes off and just smear the rest all over my entire body and then roll all over the carpet. THEN pick up the mess and put it in my hair and massage it into my scalp like some kind of obscene, decadent shampoo.

HELL!! I’m all worked up now, I’m going to go watch me some porn.


Have you tried their cheese buns? They are soooooo good.

Safeways got good selection of baked goods. I remember one time I took their box of brownies and threw it on the ground, smushed with my shoes… was a bit delusional

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