Hard time fall asleep any reccomendations

I take haldol 10 mg, I feel restless, my doctor recommended doxepin, but its not working, does any know anything will put me to sleep that will not interfere with haldol. thanks.

Chamomilee tea, take this close to bed time.

Phosphatidylserine sunflower version. It can reduce cortisol or stress hormone so if taking this then take it in evening preferably around 5 PM.

Tulsi aka Holy Basil tea take this evening.

Avoid all caffeine based beverages like coffee, green tea, black tea etc.

ok thanks. will try that.

There is a good sleeping pill called Zopiclone. I got prescribed it in the past. I’ve noticed that a common symptom found in schizophrenics, is an inability to sleep, or at least get sufficient sleep. I normally get sleep problems when I’ve tried to reduce the medication too fast, or on the occasion where I came off (on 2 occasions) that both failed.

Yea Chamomile tea. If that doesn’t work try Melatonin. Melatonin really made me sleepy when I couldn’t sleep and Chamomile tea wasn’t helping.

I use to watch this chemistry lecture series. Never did get very far…