Hard, Fast Life Lessons

When I was 17, I went to McDonald’s and bought a large 7-UP.

I poured half of it out and filled the rest with gin. I ended up passed out in a park late at night and was nearly mugged. The hangover was excruciating as well.

Never touched a hard drink since…going on almost 40 years.

Did you ever experience a hard, fast life lesson?


Life lesson never talk to a strange old man at the end of a park sitting on bench by themselves. Or you might get alot of information and learn something / find a very strange person like me with very little knowledge, just more questions / a very weird old person.


I learned I need to think things through and think them through more carefully. I used to hang out with the wrong people without thinking of the consequences and that things could get really bad for me.

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Thinking back I can see how one thing I said led to other things happening in my life that ended terribly for me. I try to be more careful with what I say now.

I had a crap tonne of them. Problem was that I had to get bonked over the head by the same lesson at least twenty times before I considered there may be an issue. No one else that I know in AA racked up the number of indecent exposure convictions that I have. I must be part blonde - have a few drinks and my clothes fly off.

The good news is that I have not had any problems with the police since I quit drinking/using.


I hooked up with a pretty famous at the time band member and thought I was a goddess.

It took me about ten minutes after the fact to realize that he knew my age and is a creep,

And that I wasn’t special, he does that ■■■■ every single night.

I was young and it was a difficult lesson I learned quickly.


Oh yeah i said “im never drinking again” many times since i was 15 lol

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Don’t be out at 2am waiting for the train on the subway in nyc by yourself , or anywhere on any public transit…

I was followed home to my apartment once, thank goodness I told him “stay away from me” and he left… I had pepper spray in my pocket ready to go.

Unfortunately, I continued to be out late at night on the subway and another guy put his arm around me while sitting waiting for the train and when I got up, he grabbed my butt. We were the only people around.

Both of those instances could have ended up much worse.

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Also- don’t date men with giant scars on their face :upside_down_face:

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Lol is that because they gangstaaa?

I wont specify the reasoning behind that one😅


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Yes, i admitted my self voluntary and became involuntary in hospital. I ended up being on a community treating order(forced medicating). Just to found out that this suffering all this time was for nothing. I am sick feeling the void of the mental system.

I have learned alot from years of mistakes and failures and such. Everyone has.

Never give up is the biggest and most important thing i have ever learned though



Yes. It was the beginning of the pandemic and businesses were shutdown some. We were not supposed to be out unless it was necessary. I had been drinking and went to the store to buy more alcohol. I should not have been driving. I was pulled over by a sheriff. He told me I had swerved so he pulled me over. He told me I wasn’t supposed to be out unless it was necessary. He saw the alcohol and asked why I was out. I said I was picking up a few things. I think he figured out I had been drinking. He asked me how far away I was from home. I said I live right over there and pointed. He let me go while giving me a business card telling me I can ask about the pandemic rules. Anyway, I never drank again. It scared me. It’s been over two years.


In AA they define insanity as “doing the same thing over again and again, and expecting different results”. I don’t know if I believe that completely. Maybe sometimes you can wear down the mountain in your way and get to where you want to be.

If you’re drinking, always cover your drink with your hand and never let anyone hold it for you or leave it unattended by you.

In 2018 I overdosed on Tylenol…it put me into liver failure and I almost died. I was medevaced to Seattle and spent 16 days in the ICU there. Somehow I got thru it without needing a liver transplant. I haven’t touched Tylenol since then and haven’t overdosed on anything else, either.

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