Hard dayxxx

My good friend, Joe, his daughter, freak accident, fell off a cliff at the park, dead. and she has kids.

My good friend, Mark, lost a couple of friends, in the last couple of days.

Oh, geez, the human heart.

That’s terrible, my heart goes out for your good friend. good friends
I have experience in loosing many people in a short time, it’s good Joe has good friends.

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I’m sorry @Daze
How on earth she died in a park?! Hope you feel better.

Sending lotsa light and love your way :bug::innocent::two_hearts: take it easy

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thanks you guys. Very unfair, Joe has experienced more death than anyone I know, gawd.

Sorry to hear about your loss

I went my whole life without anyone i know dying…until the past year I’ve had 3 friends I know die…and 1 more about to die

thanks, honey. Heart break is a serious condition, we don’t even understand it.

I’m sorry to hear this @Daze

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That 's very sad. I’m really sorry @Daze

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