Hard day at office yesterday

The funniest thing I had to convert my hard disk to GPT and then resize didn’t lose any data. I just only checked and saw wasnt getting full size. Doesn’t make any difference.

Oh PIA firefox extension sooo bad, similar with Nvpn it seems the extension from reviews. So slow like dial up. Will use phone with PIA connection to access local connection which i often do anyway. @Purple_Beast getting proxies where I live is not easy :slightly_smiling_face:

Hehehe i hijack

Another hard day today i’ll explain. My muslces are bursting. Obviously I fixed the pants situation but the business shirt i have been wearing in recent times is just too small. Its size L but its a real close type of design. I wear classic fit business shirts for your information always. They are more spacious typically. Anyway it is making me feel angry like a snake shedding its skin. My forearms bursting getting ripped just by incorporating more meat into my diet from supermarket packet meat.

Well I’m back and i have some other business shirts here i already own i’m wearing one now it is also size L but of totally different construction. It is spacious in the arms and stuff and just feels amazing wearing this shirt. All the space i need i would go as far as to say it feels ‘amaze balls’

I would post a picture but i know privacy so i wont. I appreciate that most of the modirators have never shown a picture of themselves which is important because this place is very dangerous

To be honest this is what i look like. I cant wait to hit the town later i am so amped. I’ll explain for others who havn’t lost weight. You eventually get to your minimum weight i have done that. Then you get to where you are no longer starving i am there now. So its the process of weight loss i ust hav to make sure i dont run of money and get starved and i can eat meat every couple of days.

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So i’m wearing that other shirt i already owned i have two copies of them actually size L and im having them at the wrist at the outer adjustment for extra space as well. Omg i am so excited about this and whats more i have decided instead of an under armour pair of gloves i keep in my bag for freezing rain conditions i will use a pair i bought online ordered from china. They give better insulation but perfect style as well.

You wouldn’t belive how in depth i searched for gloves online in the past so hardcore was my searching and i bought two pairs each of these different designs. I’m going super practical now. My anger from other humans fuels me to do better and rapidly. Most humans never change in their life they cannot change. But i make rapid drastic progress i am still progressing although i am very satisfied with what i have achieved.

I reserve the right to eat brown rice and quick oats at my parents house. I eat my own food separate from them. I even bought a plastic container to make cooking rice in the microwave more pleasant i have used it a couple of times may even modify it. If you noticed i was a my parents house more lately i think it payed off :slightly_smiling_face: Sometimes i can also have huge amounts of loafs of bread at my place that i bring back but i don’t over eat dont worry it just means i can focus on the computer stuff

Tell me more about these gloves. So the under armour pair probably looks more like a saiyan warriors gloves. I know the under armour socks give that look as well and they were obtained locally whch meens that may be what you are going for, a statement everything purchased in store or picked up in store. My advice friend is sacrifice a few degrees of temperature to go for the saiyan style :slightly_smiling_face:. Please anyone be considerate he is away a bit he cant defend himself jus like dead people cant

Look just feel it out and make the right decision either pair would serve the purpose these are the ones you were talking about from what you showed me? You already did the effort bye putting enormous effort into searching for them you just dont wear any random thing.


My husband used to be a ranger. He said gloves containing neoprene give best protection. My advice is “dont hold back”. Go all out especially now @TheOne_and_Only has discoverd he can get things delivered directly to any of the numerous post offices avoiding the “ambush scenario” of getting deliveries at his place or the neighbors stealing the stuff.

The top pair obviously incoprorates neoprene not 100% but much of it especially the underside is composed of neoprene thats why it feels a lot warmer. If what you want is when you step out in the most hellish freezing rain conditions and to feel nothing, then go with a glove that contains neoprene. Don’t hold back only use neoprene based gloves. The same applies to the feet of course some kind of sock liner is required as im sure you have that taken care of.

The door has been opened nothing is holding you back just get anything sent to a post office for collection it you need to get it online. My advice you have two pairs of the top pair, get another different neoprene designed glove online just make sure it contains neoprene and look at another sock liner as well. You have won the neighbors cannot stop you now you were too smart :smirk:


Yeah I thnk the upper front hand part may be a very thin form of neoprene as well. Just go with them I know that feeling @Stardazzle its like you step out in extreme freezing rain and you dont feel anything because of the insulation and waterproofing from the gloves.

These are some good ones just order them cheap from china and keep themm there are similar to these with a zipper but the zipper has terrible durability. It is worth getting these other variants thowgh they are very warm neoprene.

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Im back guys i just want to say sorry i saw i was banned and my heart started beating fast. You have my apologies

Which office? Work?

I meent more metaphorically

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Damn my cewl results already done im impressed so fast i got this! Now i just have to send to the bureau. Hope my parents appreciate this

I will do it of another.

I have walked the whole day. I can tell you i walk lightly and not too fast. Otherwise my body would self destruct but i can sustain this. I got payed to day as well I dont plan to go out for 2 to 3 days. An advancement i made i can eat brown rice and quick oats at my place but now I am bringing back supermarket precooked packet meat and freezing it.

So I can nutritionally stay at my place for that long, and of course it so easy to transport that stuff and not even a concern.

Whoever said peple talk about their children you are not joking. I have been taking notice god its disgusting, whats so good about them. Mindless genetic adaptation for reproductive success, and then they are like fake saying thankyou and goodbye. If i said fully what I wanted to them i would be in mental hospital, but i still say things to them.

Oh and colours as of today are looking more bright. Something that was lost on the lower dose i feel, but I was having a slight craving for a higher dose yesterday thinking about it and then today im getting like that high that rush feeling and brighter colors like watching youtube. Believe me the brighter colors is addictive.

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